Dave Silver

At the request of the Apartheid state of Israel, Obama has boycotted (and urged other states to do likewise) the Durban Review Conference on global racism. This and other policy statements, give an

answer to the first question. In Obama's first 100 days institutionalized racism has been strengthened. At a Town Hall Meeting in St. Petersburg last year Obama was questioned on some key issues facing the Black working class by Diop Olugbala of the Uhuru Movement. Question; What will you do about the targeting of the African and Latino communities with predatory "sub-prime" mortgages, which enabled Obama's chief financial advisor Penny Pritzker to strip Black families of billions.

Reply? The problem has been around for a long time. Question; Your response to the police shootings of unarmed Black people. Obama calmly and publicly supported the judge's acquittal of the New York City police who murdered Sean Bell.

Then we have the effect of Obama's continuing the policies of military and financial dominance, sometimes called US imperialism, of predecessors Reagan, Bush One Clinton and Bush Two. With the aid of "Centrist Democrats", and the Republican former CIA Director, now taking Rumsfeld's place and reaching out in the name of by-partisanship to the Dick Cheney types. Many liberals were overjoyed that Obama's choice for CIA Director was that California liberal Leon Panetta. He and the Commander-in-Chief will support GW Bush policy of not revealing documents of the CIA Rendition practices. Military spending will increase especially for more troops in Afghanistan and more war crime bombings of mostly civilians in Pakistan. More for Homeland Security, the prison-industrial complex and the increased prison population of Black and Brown men. Obama rhetoric supports civil liberties but voted to reaffirm the Patriot Act and Fisa to spy on people and pick up more alleged terrorists. He will expand the Pentagon budget while giving billions to Israel.

Obama's neo-liberal and hegemonistic policies in behalf of the ruling U.S. Transnationals and Banks is continuing full blast. Wall Street knew this that's why well before he was favored to beat Hillary they provided him with more cash as they correctly concluded he would be more effective militarily and politically to safeguard their global interests. Obama follows the "Chicago School" of Keynesian economics that Milton Friedman supported until 1950 but later changed to a non-intervention and micro-managing the economy and strong supporter of deregulation. It should be apparent that strong neo-liberal policies can only have a negative effect on workers of color who are the first to suffer when trillions are given to bail out Banks. Money for regime change, pre-emptive strikes and an expanded military will have to come from budgets of health care, affordable housing and "entitlements" like Social Security, Medicaire and the Clinton initiated "welfare reform."

When the Media put Martin Luther King and Obama's picture together a day before the Inauguration, Green Party Candidate Cynthia McKinney aptly noted that "they are opposites." It was also Dr. DuBois who placed slavery and exploitation "in the context of the capitalist mode of production." Only organized and militant mass struggles can significantly reduce the cancer of racism.

May 1, 2009

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