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Oil for White People! Woohoo, Dead Iraqi Children Now!

By Lloyd Hart

It seems that the corporate press cabal of CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Regime controlled
NPR and just about every major newspaper in America sets policy for press coverage
week to week. The first week of war the corporate press played bad cop with the
Bush regime looking like they couldn't fight a war in a wet paper bag let alone
Iraq and then in the second week of the war, good cop. In the second week the
corporate press morphed into the pro war zealot cheerleaders the Bush regime could
only have dreamed of when they originally rolled out this diseased product. But a
consistent policy through the entire period at all the American networks and major
papers from the beginning of this war is that there will be no visual material
illustrating any civilian casualties. The dead would be completely omitted and
wounded civilians would only be shown in a very limited way in the recovery stage
in the sterility of a hospital ward or in the care of a U.S. soldier. I leafed
through the weekly's, Time magazine, U.S. News, and Newsweek and literally only
found one off in the distance picture of a civilian casualty with a U.S. soldiers
standing over the body as if it were going to blow up and one picture of a dead
Iraqi soldier as well as one picture of one dead U.S. Marine whose body was
covered by a tarp. No messy war going on in Iraq, that's for sure. The overall
thrust of every corporate media outlet this last week focused on supporting our
troops regardless their crimes against humanity with MSNBC posting photographs of
soldiers sent in by their families and talking about liberation of the Iraqi
people as if absolutely no one in America knew or could transcend the truth of
what is really happening. And of course with a military invasion of every
corporate media outlet with so-called retired officers eating up all the airtime
and the cult of personality bimbo journalism that has swept across America like
locust on crops, the only place the public actually has to go to get some
semblance of objectivity in reporting on this war, is the Internet.

After working my ass off all week scanning the Internet for legitimate photographs
of Iraqi civilian casualties I was able to put together reasonable catalog on my
website http://dadapop.com which I try to update every day. But the fact still
remains that with the American corporate media deciding what the American public
can and cannot handle in terms of images coming off the battlefield, the rest of
the world outside the United States seems to think it's public is mature enough to
handle the site of dead Iraqi children. I know for a fact that every last one of
the corporate media outlets in America have been flooded with very angry
complaints from their viewers for the lack of objectivity and the general Rah Rah
Sis Boom Bah attitude. But after the first Gulf War just as the smart bombs got
smarter the boys at the Pentagon somehow convinced the American corporate media to
slip between the sheets and go down on the generals.

While watching the Sunday talk shows this week I caught Wolfowitz tap dancing
around the question of the U.N.'s role in post War Iraq, stumbling over the Bush
regime's scripted line that the U.N. "Has a role to play in Iraq" omitting the key
word "central". In other words coming from Condy Rice, Colon Powell and Donald
Rumsfeld that there is no role for the U.N. other than to be America's lackey and
that is, to distribute to some food, water and medicine and only because the
Pentagon has proved to be completely incompetent in that area. All post war
reconstruction of Iraq will be administered by the men and the few women and the
corporation's most closely associated with this theft of election 2000, period.
Hell, I wouldn't be to surprised if Iraq turned out to be the very thing that
could bring Enron out of bankruptcy. Wolfowitz was also put on the spot and made
to defend the selection of Dr. Ahmed Chalabi, the exiled head of the Iraqi
political opposition to represent the Iraqi people in the interim military
government the U.S. is already setting up in Iraq. Chalabi apparently burned whole
bunch of depositors in his Jordanian bank and split to avoid the old head on the
pike scene turning up again in the Iraqi opposition and then in northern Iraq and
now installed in Nassireya in southern Iraq with a group of thugs, I mean troops
that he has been training in northern Iraq. Just by geographic proximity alone it
seems that the Prince of gray area in the White House has made his selection as to
who is going to be the top Iraqi dog on U.S. occupation leash. And of course it
has been reported by the BBC that Chalabi and the rest of the U.S. hand-picked
Iraqi opposition in exile plans to privatize the Iraqi oil patch breaking up the
state run oil monopoly allowing the U.S. oil monopoly to take complete control of
the global price of oil monopoly. Gee wiz, I would have never guessed.


OK, let's talk about weapons of mass destruction. I could care less how many
weapons of mass destruction they find in Iraq. For the simple fact is, it is quite
reasonable for any Arab state to seek detente with the psychotic, genocidal,
Palestinian murdering Zionists in Israel who possess 300 nuclear weapons of mass
destruction. To say that the Arab states don't have a right to possess
nuclear-weapons is to say that the Arab states learned nothing from the Cold War.
Which was all about the United States and the Soviet Union developing so many
weapons of mass destruction (causing the pollution of the entire USSR and the
United States with cancer causing agents) that they realized that all scenarios
lead to mutually assured destruction and that there was only one way out and that
was to sit down and talk. If the Israelis do not give up their nuclear-weapons the
United States of America will never shake the title of imperialist hypocrite in
the Arab world as well as in the entire world. And of course, that leads to the
fact that the U.S. itself since George Bush came to office has backed out of every
biological, chemical and nuclear-weapons treaty with the rest of the world. United
States stockpiles of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons dwarf any other
stockpiles as a whole in the rest of the entire world and the U.S. is not
destroying them. In fact, backing out of the ABM treaty with the former Soviet
Union and negotiating a deal where the U.S. can store their nuclear warheads
intact is clearly a violation of the spirit of the global agreement on the non
proliferation of nuclear-weapons. And of course the facts around the discovery of
these sarin and mustard gas warheads just outside Baghdad are dubious considering
that two U.S. military transport planes landed at the Baghdad airport, the area of
discovery, beginning days before the discovery of these WMBs. After all the Bush
regime has been caught politically and ethnically cleansing the voter lists in
America in order to win elections, a high crime and misdemeanor. And also
considering that America law enforcement regularly plants evidence on suspects,
the Rampart division of the Los Angeles Police Department grotesque case in point.
Another stark fact is that it turns out that Colon Powell was the very first
officer at ICOR command center in Vietnam to see the evidence of the My Lai
Massacre which he then proceeded to suppress which made his carreer what it is
today. So I wouldn't put it past the Bush regime to plant evidence. Regardless of
the origins of the weapons of mass destruction found by the hundred and first
Airborne the fact still remains that the Iraqis did not use weapons of mass
destruction against U.S. forces, Israel or anyone else at any time for that matter
without U.S. government approval. And there still is no U.N. Security Council
resolution authorizing this illegal war, so get a grip you crazy white people no
matter what you dance in front of our eyes or how many Oreo cookies you put up as
military spokespeople, just the fact that you went ahead with the invasion side
stepping International Law, the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly is
all proof people need that you're crazy white people running out of oil.

So just as all crazy white people that preceded this latest adventure into the
heart of Arabia, Alexander the Great, the Romans, the French, the British, the
Italians etc. etc.. The crazy white people from America are going to attempt to
rule over a people that you might be able sell clothes, hair cuts and cars to but
to use as hegemonic slaves for greater plans of ruling the world through
controlling the strategic oil supply and therefore controlling the Global Economy?
Well you really do have to be a crazy white person to pull it off. The fact is,
the brutality that it will take to keep the Iraqi people and the entire Arabian
Street at bay while we steal their oil, the one thing that finally got the Crazy
White Christians to sit down at the table and talk after centuries of lead
poisoned Christian adventures into the Holy Land, will be biblical. But I guess
that is just what happens when crazy white people cut themselves off from their
cultural mother ship in Europe and continue to try and stick it to the great
cultural breast they were forced to flee because fixing the problems in Europe was
a great deal harder than killing 30 million Native Americans. After all they were
savages and therefore not protected by God. Only in America could a religion be
created and written that states clearly in they're text that people with dark skin
have fallen from the grace of God and must be shepherded back to God upon which
time as they have accepted God back into their life, their skin will turn back to
its original white color. I speak of the Mormons of course and there ain't no
crazier white people shit then that. 

Well actually I'm wrong. There is a crazier idea emanating from America's shores
and that would be Tim Lahaye's crazy white man's interpretation of the Book of
revelations in a series of books called "Left Behind" which you can find at the
million dollar web site http://leftbehind.com . Tim Lahaye is a co-founder of
Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority and with Pat Robertson and Billy Graham they might
as well make up the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Together these four men
represent the very base and controlling interest in the Republican Party in the
United States of America and therefore they have George W. Bush's ear. With the
four horsemen pumping their parishioners with the myth and main premise of the
Left Behind series, that the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque among the
holiest sites in Islam must be destroyed and the third Jewish temple built in
order to draw Jesus down from heaven. Upon Jesus's arrival on the earth all the
Jews will be informed that they must convert to Christianity or be destroyed by
the convenient little Antichrist they have waiting in the wings ready to pounce on
those stubborn Jews. Could it be some one is planning another Jewish Holocaust?

What has all this crazy white man stuff got to do with the war in Iraq you ask?
Well, according to these crazy white horsemen of the apocalypse the Antichrist is
supposed to come from within Islam and if you hang out long enough with these
crazy white men you'll find out that their number one focus these days is the
destruction of the entire religion of Islam. In fact, the crazy white people send
stealth converters into Islam in attempt to destroy the religion from within cause
you can't destroy the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque if that pesky
religion Islam is still hanging around. If you remember those young women that the
Taliban arrested and then later who got to meet George W. Bush at the White House,
well they were stealth converters sponsored by Islam busters associated with the
Bob Jones University in South Carolina. 

Now you might think that Tim Lahaye and Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and Billy
Graham are fringe wack jobs, they are, but they also represent millions and
millions of people in America that organize and vote Republican with the Holy zeal
of Christian soldiers invading of the Holy Land. The Left Behind series of books
alone have sold over 51 million copies. Couple all that zealotry with the wealth
and power of the conservative elites, the so-called fiscal conservatives and their
minions within their corporate culture, backed up by the Republican controlled
U.S. military and you've got the makings of a shit storm of the likes we haven't
seen and since George W. Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush, Henry Ford, Thomas
Watson and IBM and basically all conservative elite'sin America backed Hitler. So
hold on to your socks kiddies it looks like we're in for another American
nightmare, an attempt at global domination.

Oh and by the way, be sure to take your vitamins, homeopathic remedies and Chinese
herbs and don't snivel in public cause George W. Bush just gave the authorities
the power to arrest anyone even slightly suspected of SARS, you don't even have to
have symptoms for them to stick you in the ward with a real SARS patients much the
same way they did when the plague hit Europe before they learned to diagnose the
sick from the healthy. Meaning that entire families and communities can be
arrested and quarantined with the only thing to save you and your family members
from dying of SARS is the totally ineffective immune system destroying toxic
Pharmaceuticals of Western medicine. I find it very interesting that the power of
Bush's executive order to isolate SARS suspects occurred only after a 110 deaths
not one of them occurring in the United States and considering the flu season
takes down thousands more than that globally every winter. And I don't see Bush
racing by executive order to contain the spread of the Ebola outbreak or for that
matter the AIDS plague in Africa. Shit, maybe I'm talking too soon.

But I guess I shouldn't be so naive as to expect universal democracy, peace and
justice when it comes to the crazy white people but I do have a suggestion. All
crazy white people in America, instead of continuing this crazy unconscious act of
yearning to be weaned by pigging out on cow's milk all the time should head
straight back to Europe and find some human breast milk gestating French, German
and Russian momas and get themselves properly breast fed and weaned.

Oil for White People! Woohoo, Dead Iraqi Children Now!

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