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Enemy of the People and Right of Response

An important Israeli right-wing newspaper Maariv published a very long (four
A3 pages) article, Enemy Within, attacking me and spreading numerous lies
(09.01.03, www.maariv.com ) Well, this is to be expected from a Zionist
publication. However, the editor Mr Amnon Dankner refused to publish my
response (below in English translation, Hebrew text available on Indymedia
Israel). Please write to him (his email address dankner@maariv.co.il ) and
demand to publish my response!

Israel Shamir


Letter to editor

Maariv's correspondent Ben Dror Yamini dedicated to me an extremely long and
tedious article called Enemy Within. Ben Dror investigated my background,
checked my credentials, collected quotes and deemed me 'an anti-Semitic
racist' who promotes 'repulsive race theory'. The young journalist forgot to
mention just one thing. What actually does this enemy of the people, Israel
Shamir, propose to do with the Jews he hates so much, according to Ben Dror?
What does he call for? For destruction, for genocide, for discrimination of
Jews? Why his articles are translated into many languages from French to
Turkish and from Russian to Spanish? Why is he invited to lecture in best
universities from Stanford in California to Trondheim in Norway to Kuala
Lumpur in Malaysia? To call for genocide?

It is not that the answer to this query is obscured from Ben Dror. He knows
the answer very well for it is written wherever my name is mentioned. But if
he would write it, the whole edifice of his article would collapse.

For years in all my essays I call for full equality for all residents of
Palestine, for one state and for equal rights for all its citizens,
including right to vote, for an Ashkenazi Jew in Ramat Aviv or a Native
Palestinian in Nablous, for a Moroccan in Ofakim or a Russian in Haifa. I
call to void all laws that discriminate between a Jew and a Gentile,
including the infamous Law of Absentee Property [which allowed for
confiscation of Palestinian homes and fields]. In the introduction to my
site www.israelshamir.net it is clearly and lucidly written: "Together with
Edward Said, Israel Shamir calls for implementation of One Man - One Vote -
One State" in our beloved Palestine (Land of Israel), whole and undivided,
without Green Line, Purple Line or Security Wall, for one state for all of
us, native and adoptive sons and daughters of Palestine. 'You should have
one law', as the Bible says. I call to extend the right to vote in the
nearest elections to all residents of Gaza strip and the West Bank and to
incorporate these territories in the one state.

This is essentially all my teaching, all the rest is commentary. If a call
for equality is 'racism', then eternal warfare is 'peace and security', and
the dreaded Shabak (the secret police) is the Ministry of Love.

For years I call upon the dwellers of Zion to give hand to our brothers,
sons and daughters of Palestine, and to live together with them in peace and
brotherly love, like we live in my city of Jaffa by the sea. However, the
editors of Israeli newspapers refuse to publish this call. They provide a
tribune for every racist, amplify every call for transfer and ethnic
cleansing, but my call for equality can't be voiced. It is not a one person'
s opinion: according to the survey by Haaretz, 30% of residents of the land
support this solution, because there is no other viable solution to our
problems. There is no chance that a Palestinian state would be created in
such borders that will provide for justice, as if it were possible it would
be done by now. As long as there is no equality for Palestinians, there can'
t be equality for other communities, for the Oriental Jews and for Russians.
Recently established united electoral front of Russians and Palestinians is
the first step to the new reality of one pluralistic Palestine for all

I refused to meet the young journalist as I prefer to deliver my opinions
myself, without intermediaries. For the same reason, I do not intend to
argue with him on various points he made. However, one observation should be

Ben Dror Yamini decided that an expression I use, the Jewish Paradigm, is
'anti-Semitic'. However, it is called in Hebrew, "erkei yahadut", the Jewish
Values, and it appeared in the well-known words of Ami Ayalon, the ex-Head
of Secret Police, who criticized Israeli policies saying "our behaviour
contradicts the Jewish Values", and in speeches of other Israeli politicians
beginning from the Declaration of Independence.

There is an ongoing discussion in Israel, whether 'our behaviour contradicts
the Jewish Values' as the Israeli (and Jewish American) Left claims, or
'conforms to the Jewish Values', as the Israeli (and Jewish American) Right

My opinion is that of the Israeli (and Jewish American) Right endorsed by
the Rabbis, namely, 'our behaviour' conforms to the Jewish Values. However I
see the obvious fact that 'our behaviour' contradicts the Human Universal
Values. As many Jewish teachers from Professor Yeshayahu Leibovitch the
humanist to Rabbi Meir Kahane the nationalist ruled, the Jewish Values are
indeed different from the Human Universal Values of Christian civilisation.

The opinion of the Maariv journalist Ben Dror Yamini is truly anti-Semitic
one, as he apparently denies the very existence of Jewish values and
considers Jews to be 'people without values'.

Israel Shamir,

The Enemy of the People,


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