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Dear Jared Israel: Thoughts from an old friend

I'm currently part of the ISM. It's a group that does work with the
international social justice movement(s), ala the anti-globalisation movement.
We bring in Internationals from all over the world to try and prevent the
atrocities attibutable to the IDF. Go to www.ism-vanocuver.org , if you are

If you choose not to go to witness, this is your choice. But I challenge you to
go and see the Israeli army first hand. Shooting kids going outside during an
illegal curfew. Committing the most outrageous land grabs for Jews only, mostly
rich, racist Europeans. These settlers are stealing land, backed by your money,
right now.

Let me make that clearer: You once stood for, almost alone in a surrounding
whirlwind of reaction, truth and justice and the ultimately beautiful (indeed,
nothing is greater in importance) resistance to imperialism, both it's hegemonic
domination of our minds and their outright military colonisation of the Yugoslav
people. For this reason, your continued descent has me distressed, but you are
now on the exact opposite side of the fence you once proudly ripped down with
your "piercing a fog of lies", instead you opt to become a cloud maker and
errect higher barriers than the Zionists Apartheid Wall that is stealing farmers
livilihoods in the West Bank. There may come a day soon where I too, choose to
spend my time, working in among the Palestinian people, using non-violence but
never forsaking their rights to armed resistance against the most insidious of
all European colonisation mechanisms: That of the superior race, defined as such
by the laws of their constitutions and the over-whelming power of a colonising

I beg you to change your legacy and to see with whom you stand. I beg you to
realise that all of this grotesque apologia is doing far more harm than good to
the safety of Jewish people everywhere. I see this here. Nazis are coming back,
and they are playing off Zionism the way Trotskyism needs Stalinism. They are
racist, anti-Palestinian to the core, they are anti-human. They need the
atrocities of Zionism to make them mainstream. You provide cover with your
tortured prose on the subject of the PA and your whitewash of the Zionists.

The Palestinians I work with not only repudiate the Nazis, they go out of their
way to fight the ones who appear in our streets. It's the Zionists who create
them and then appeal to the Bourgeois state here for "tougher hate crimes laws",
meanwhile they collect funds for a racist, illegal and ultimately genocidal
occupation. The Palestinian struggle is the most profoundly anti-imperialist
struggle today, Zionism is the most profoundly racist state policy in existence
today. It is now illegal to challenge the "Jewish character" of the state, even
for the too-tiny to matter Arab parties, some of whom are now banned for the
first time.

It is a Zionist coloniser who spends time ranting about the Palestinians'
corrupt leadership. I've got news for you. This Intifada is primarily a
non-violent affair of a whole society in protest, unless children with stones
have become terrorist to your increasingly narrow field vision. The PA are
simply no longer relevant to the Palestinian people. The Intifada is despite the
PA. The Intifada is a response to humiliation, it is led by those who want to
sweep away not only the occupation, but the corruption, sell-outs and betrayals
of the PA. It is democratic in character in a form you cannot understand:
against the Zionists, against the PA and for national salvation. It is the most
profoundly democratic essence in the world to resist both imperialism and small
scale corruption.

I'm not interested in reading a pro-Zionist describe the PA. It's a non-issue at
best, a distraction from the murderous brutality of the Apartheid occupation
daily. Shame on you.

It is the extreme racism and power and theft of the West Bank of this occupation
that increasingly drives the Palestinian Youth into the arms of the dead-end
street of the Islamic groups, who try to make it so the Israeli population knows
a similar suffering to that suffered by Palestine. They fail, no matter how
indiscriminately they kill, no matter what market or how crowded, because the
Israeli Occupation Force has massacred nearly 4-5 times what the Palestinian
resistance has killed.

What about the Settlements?
This is the issue, Jared.
What about stealing between 80 and 90% of the water for these racists from
This is the issue Jared.
What about cutting off whole villages by way of stealing a farmers adjoining
This is the issue Jared.
What about a curfew in villages where people have to risk certain death from a
snipers tower to get a simple bucket of water?
 This is the issue Jared.
What about an occupation that is so totally humiliating, so utterly beneath the
treatment of animals, that it begets a certainty that their will never be an end
to anti-Semitism masquerading as anti-Zionism?
This is the issue Jared.
This is the issue for all Jewish people. The Nazi scum are back in Vancouver.
They are back in North America. And they have Israeli atrocities for making
their hatred become mainstream. Even with American media (nothing to say about
Canada) at the pro-Zionist tilt that it is, the world sees.

You have done service but now you are a Quisling. Do you know the sting that
should carry? I know you do. You are no different than a Djindic-- yet, your
betrayal is a global one, for on the front line of resistance to the Empire you
have justified and pilloried the most weak in favour of the most wretched, the
most powerful and the least defensible, no matter what you ideology, so long as
it comes from a desire for truth.

Please take the time to cancel all connections I have with Emperor's Clothes, do
not send me mail, for I cannot bear to see any more what you have become after
you were so great in helping all of us once upon a time.

If you are the Emperor, you are not not only naked, you are delighting in
cutting yourself a million small cuts. Then you tell us it doesn't hurt. But it
sure hurts to watch.

Saddened and disappointed with your final betrayal.

Macdonald Stainsby

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