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Speech by the co-chairman of Russian Alliance of the Workers Trade Unions "Defense of Labor" Vladimir Vorob'ev for seminar of anti-imperialist camp in Thessaloniki, Greece.


As I have said in my previous speech, the globalization is an inevitable and natural result of competition between financial magnates of advanced capitalist states.  And everybody calling oneself "an antiglobalist" must pay attention to the fact that by such act he/she is taking upon oneself to tame spontaneous powers of the compulsory law of competition. To call oneself an antiglobalist and a supporter of movement against the globalization is tantamount to attempt to bring about a utopia: without abolition of capitalism and commodity production, by means of establishing "a democratic control" of multinationals' activities to reconcile financial magnates of advanced capitalist states and abolish their competition.
Comrades, the globalization as a historical period is over now. Imperialism has come to zone of economical and political instability; contradictions between Anglo-American and German-French financial magnates are becoming more aggravated day after day. Imperialist groups already have set to re-division of the world, for instance in Iraq. Humanity is approaching the fatal line. Who dares to say what could bring one more World War, with nuclear arms this time? Only opportunists under these circumstances could call to establishing "democratic control" of financial magnates activities, their corporations and national governments, dependent on them.

It is appropriate to mention here a very curious detail. Who is calling for workers to establish "a democratic control"? Big bourgeoisie invented this slogan and its lackeys - the corrupt union bureaucrats and labor aristocrats put it in mass circulation. We, of course, cannot help the people who shut their eyes to that or pretend that they do not understand the whole deal. But we can help the millions of laborers and working people who were misled by  ATTAC reformists.

My comrades and I are of the opinion that it is the French movement ATTAC, which leads all the antiglobalist movement. In Russia we stumble on their missionaries most of the time. They are advocating antiglobalist ideas and have achieved quite a success in this field. They reinforce such activities by funding union bureaucrats and labor aristocrats, miscellaneous anarchists and some intellectuals - the lackeys of big bourgeoisie.

With aiding and abetting of the ATTAC missionaries there are set up trade union schools, supposedly to teach workers principles of unionism. In reality in such so-called schools they literally brainwash workers, scare them by bugaboo of class warfare and try to persuade labor activists to realization of capitalist labor policy, not to abolish capitalism but to reform it. If we are to assess ATTAC missionaries' activities from view of working class interests, we should call this organization a puppet of imperialists if not ideological headquarters of imperialists in labor movement!!!

Comrades, the antiglobalist movement or the movement against globalization in its existing form, with leadership of ATTAC is a manifestation of reactionary opportunism in labor movement, because they preach class collaboration workers with big capital and reforming capitalism in cooperation. It is clear that such opportunism leads to ideological dominance of big. bourgeoisie upon working class and all exploited people. So they have to admit political and economical leadership of big bourgeoisie and its right to exploit working classes.

These missionaries preach principles of bourgeoisie democracy as if bourgeoisie democracy not turns rights of citizens to take part in politics to void ritual. Bourgeoisie democracy gives to the citizens right once in four years to pick up one from several capitalist proteges, who is going to preside over the process of exploitation of working people till the next election! And the bourgeoisie demagogues call such parody of democracy the people will! Peoples forget what does real people will! They forget! They forget that there is a proletarian democracy possible, not only a bourgeoisie one. They forget such historical examples as the Paris Commune or a young Soviet republic in 1917-1924 in Russia.

And if we have to speak about establishing "democratic control", one has to mention that only a proletarian democracy can secure it for every citizen. This is because a proletarian democracy is first and foremost the system of election that secures subordination of elected bodies to citizens that have elected them. It is a system of election not by territorial but by industrial districts. Every working group should have a right to nominate a candidate. It permits to recall a deputy in any given time without need to any red-tape procedure. It is not a secret ballot voting, but voting by show of hands, that permits to discuss every candidate nominated by workers. It is not direct elections but multi-layered ones, and as a result a higher body depends on a lower one. The principles of proletarian democracy is an accurate realization of Marx' words - the rule of people by the people themselves! With established proletarian democracy it is needless even to speak about "democratic control", because proletarian democracy is itself a society's democratic control of elected bodies activities!

As appears from the above, we shall fight not against globalization, but capitalism on the whole! Only struggle for socialism is going to bring the world peoples real liberalization from horrors of exploitation! And such struggle shall be aimed first to expropriation big national capitals and establishing instead of bourgeoisie dictatorship - a democratic dictatorship of the working class and exploited people!


Vladimir Vorob`ev, the co-chairman of  “Defense of Labour”
E-mail:   anzherka@front.ru  Tel: 7 38453 2 41 76.

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