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Jan van Dalfsen 

"Why We Should Still Be Anti-Imperialists" ,"Watching" Interventions and plots.

The article by Jean Bricmont, "Why We Should Still Be Anti-Imperialists", at: 
http://www.left.ru/inter/july/bricmont.html, encourages me greatly. Various of Jean's points I have been trying to articulate to friends, colleagues and relatives from time to time over the last couple of years, so it is great to see Jean tie such points together in a coherent analysis.
I particularly like the suggestion that someone should start a "Western Intervention Watch". I have recently been e-mailing some leaders in peace groups listing suspicious actions and media manipulation by the USA and its allies against Iran and North Korea. If anyone already knows of any such "Intervention Watch" groups that are starting or already exist I would love to get in touch with them or hear about them.
Jean mentions the "Divide and Rule" policy of colonial Belgium in Rwanda. To add to that, it might be worth considering what was later claimed by one of the African generals invading Rwanda just before the group that was to be overrun committed the massacre. On a television interview shown on SBS or ABC in Australia, the General claimed the CIA were supporting his army. This real military threat and the UN sponsored compromise deal had been the immediate catalyst of the massacre. The people who committed the massacre had a  fear of the return to power of the prior, elitist, minority ruling group helped by their new foreigners sponsors. Was their colonial nightmare going to be revisited?! (Sorry, I did not write down the specific sources for this.) Mainstream media almost never mentioned who trained and armed this Ugandan based invading "liberation" army which later went on into Zaire, again reportedly with CIA backing, and thus started the wars in Zaire which are still not over and have cost millions of lives.
I later met an African on a flight who confirmed this information. 
Causes, catalysts, provocations or preconditons for inhuman acts can not easily be told in case it seems one is trying to excuse an horrific, mass human rights abuse. But if, as I suspect, there are consistent patterns of setting peoples up, resulting in increased likelihoods of massacres or ethnic cleansing, then the use of such patterns and who the repeated perpetrators of such patterns are, should be exposed. Much work would need to be done to discover, collect, coordinate and disseminate the evidence.The patterns and perpetrators emerging from such evidence might also need to be described and explained.
Many people I know  joined the opposition against the war on Iraq as their first anti-war activity since the Vietnam war. Many of those people now regret that they had approved of the wars against Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. It is not always easy to admit that you might have been wrong. When we opposed those earlier wars we were thought to be fanatical extremists...."how could anyone defend Milosovic or the Taliban" my "Human Rights" motivated cousins would say. Now after Iraq, they admit how each war was used to increase the "legitimacy" of the next one.                                                   
Hoping to hear from someone interested in the "Watch" idea,
 Jan van Dalfsen (Australia)

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