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The Rosenbergs; 50 Years of Anti-fascist Martyrdom
 June 2003        Dave Silver

Even as the German fascists were being defeated at Stalingrad,  the Army
Signal Intelligence Agency was set up in 1943 and  became the National
Security Agency, (NSA) which implemented the Venona Project to decrypt
messages sent from the Soviet Consulate to Moscow.  In Monograph #2,
released through the Freedom of Information Act already called attention to
the Comintern’s  goal of “furthering the cause of Revolution.”  This was a
reminder to the capitalist Allies and the U.S. imperialists that the Red
Army was only a temporary ally.  This was reinforced when we committed the
genocidal act in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that we are in a Cold War and that
the U.S. is the stronger super power.

In Monograph #3 of 1944-5, in 3 separate decoded messages lists the names of
KGB officers and enlisted men and the medals and insignia they wore.  In
addition “controversial figures” were named such as Judith Coplon, Alger
Hiss and Harry Dexter White.  It did not contain the names of either Julius
or Ethel Rosenberg.  The Venona Report referring to Julius as “liberal” said
that he engaged in “non-atomic espionage” while indicating that Ethel
Rosenberg was completely innocent of breaking any law.  Some have speculated
that Julius might have provided some valuable Radar information useful to
the Soviets in shooting down German aircraft.  If so, progressives should
view this as a heroic rather than a despicable act even if it violated laws
of the U.S.  as ends and means are dialectically connected and may have
saved not only Soviet lives but American soldiers as well.

So that as Robert Meerpol observed his parents were “charged with one thing
(stealing the secret of the atomic bomb and giving it to the Soviet Union)
but were tried and executed for other reasons.”  The primary one was the
anti-communist hysteria of the McCarthy period reinforced by anti-Semitism
by many that tended to view most Jews as radicals and less than patriotic.
The courageous Rosenbergs, would not compromise their socialist vision and
ardent support for the Soviet Union as it confronted German fascism even to
save their own lives.  As Meerpol stated in an interview with Washington
Profile that the Venona Report “may very well turn out to be in part or in
whole disinformation created by the U.S. government    in order to justify
their activities.”  After all, U.S. imperialism falsified, distorted and
gave misleading interpretations of various Intelligence reports in order to
justify an invasion of Iraq.

The Rosenbergs were totally innocent of the crimes they were charged with.
We should demand a re opening of their case and as Massachusets officially
did in the Sacco-Vanzetti case exonerate them.

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