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By Dave  Silver

We are witnessing a mass mobilization of people of color, working class,
farmers, middle class, artists and intellectuals on five continents
unprecedented in modern history which is both breathtaking in scope and
diversity.  The peoples of the world sent a clear message to the
imperialists in Washington and their running dogs in London that they will
not tolerate a new holocaust that US transnational oil corporations are
demanding in order to control all of the oil in the Persian Gulf even though
only 14% of the oil consumed in the U.S. comes from that region.

This new and organized “street power” informed with a consciousness of the
profit system as a root cause for war is crucial in building and maintaining
an effective Resistance.  For an attack on Iraq in the post Soviet era is
the first significant step of US imperialism to dominate the world.  Perhaps
a non-compliant African state or North Korea will be the next military

Two precautions are in order.  We must reject any ploy from within or
outside of the peace forces that uses red-baiting and/or opportunism to
portray one segment of the anti-war movement as “radical” and the other as a
more liberal and therefore acceptable group.  We have already seen an
article in the Washington Post using the phrase “marching with Stalinists”
and the New York Times accusing the “radicals” of  “tainting or polluting”
the main anti-war message by raising issues of Justice at home, such as the
Patriot Act (One and Two) the School of the Americas and cutbacks to help
finance a war.   Our answer should be loud and clear.  The issues of racism
(detention of immigrants for example), oppression, exploitation and orange
Alerts are part and parcel of creating a climate at home more conducive to
our imperialist adventures abroad.  On the contrary showing the connections
strengthens the anti-war message.

We must also see the severe limitations of those who are touted as liberal
Democrats.  I am referring to those who would approve of going to war if
only the US can twist enough arms to obtain a UN Security Council Resolution
and or more complete Inspections.  We must keep up the pressure and build
for the Demo near the White House as well as Federal Buildings  in the
coming weeks while we broaden and strengthen our forces for future struggles
and forge a new independent and alternative political fist to confront the
formidable and only superpower.  Peace and Justice.


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