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International Letters in Support of Young Communists Arrested and Tortured in Ukraine

To: SBU, Prosecutor General Piskun Svyatoslav Mikhaylovich, Prime minister Yanukovich Viktor Fedorovich, Minister of the Interior Smirnov Yuri Aleksandrovich, President of Ukraine, Supreme Court of Ukraine.
From: Young Communist League (Canada)

We strongly protest the SBU persecution of the young left activists arrested in the cities of Nikolaev and Odessa and blame forged action on "terrorism" brought against them. We protest against the tortures of the arrested in order to force them to make "confessions". We demand to put an end to the lawlessness and maltreatment of the arrested communists by the state security and the police. We declare that we will distribute the information on this violation of human rights by the state agencies of Ukraine in the mass media and international organizations. We demand:

- release from jail of all the arrested

-both the Ukrainian and foreign citizens who are involved in this case, after they would sign the binding agreement, not to leave their place of residence;

-independent investigation of the actions of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in this case and in particular their treatment of the arrested;

- that the arrested young peoplev both the members of LKSM of Ukraine and all foreign citizens involved in this case - be interrogated only in the presence of independent lawyers;

- To allow public control over the investigation of this case.

Sincerely, Stephen Von Sychowski
Young Communist League (Canada) National Secretary

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