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Stories from Odessa Prison

Bogdan Zinchenko Organizes Komsomol Cell in Prison

The last story from Odessa is that of Bogdan Zinchenko, one of the defendants in the so-called "Odessa case" charged in "terrorism" and "conspiracy to overthrow the Ukrainian state". In the face of physical and psychological tortures, Bogdan has shown more than supreme courage. Last winter he began communist propagandain his cell, filled mostly with petty criminals.He talked to them about life, politics.He explained to them that they got into prison because millions of people were unemployed and many other did not get their wages paid.It is these social conditions that make people to steal.He told them that the real criminals were those in power, that they were guilty of genocide of the people. He also told them that he and his friends were thrown to prison because they were fighting this system.

As the result of these political conversations Zinchenko and 14 of his prison mates formed a Komsomol cell (only one inmate has declined). And this organisation began fighting.Its members discussed national and international news.When the the imperialists attacked Iraq they had a meeting and wrote a letter of protest to President Bush and demanded that the prison administration send it to Washington.They also published a "wall newspaper" by covering the walls of the cell with slogans like "Bush is a ganster!", "We are for the USSR!"This led to the brutal beating of these Komsomol men by special prison guards.Zinchenko was awarded the worst beating.-Do you want to say that we can write "Fuck you!" but not "We are for the USSR"? - he asked them and the guards would beat him again.They sent Zinchenko into punishment cell many times because he refused to stop his political work in the prison.

These are some of the addresses where you could call or send the letters of protest. If you send us a copy of your letter we will translate it into Russian and publish.

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President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma
01008, Kiev, ul. Bankovaia, 11
Tel: (38-044) 291- 5333
Fax: (38-044)255-61-61

Prosecutor-General of UKRAINE
MSP 01601
Kiev 11 Risnizka Street 13/15
Tel: (38-044) 291 2701
Fax: (38-044)290-22-69

Chairman V. T. Maliarenko
01024, Kiev-24, ul. P. Orlika, 4.
Fax: (38-044)253-03-14
E-mail: supcourt@scourt.gov.ua

Viktor Yanukovich
01008, Kiev-8, Grushevskogo street 12/2.
Fax: (38-044)293-16-63.

Kiev- 008
Grushnevskogo Street N 5
Litvin V.M.
Tel: (38-044) 254 0890, 226-32-63, 293-16-63
Fax: (38-044) 293-21-71

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