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By Israel Shamir


The people of France have sent an important message to the world, by
electing the traditionalist leader, Jean-Mari le Pen to the second round
of the French presidential elections. It was not just a proof of general
dissatisfaction, as NY Times claimed. The first round occurred while the
Jewish troops besieged the Church of Nativity, starved nuns, shot
priests, and despoiled the land of Christ. Israeli bulldozers worked
around the clock covering mass graves of their innocent victims in the
Jenin refugee camp, Jewish soldiers destroyed churches and mosques in
Nablus, shot at the Holy Virgin in Bethlehem, while one hundred fifty
thousand Jews marched in Paris and elsewhere, supporting the genocide in
Palestine. Waving Israeli flags and draped in the blue and white colours
of their national banner (the tricolour is dropped and forgotten), the
Jews marched from the Place de la R?publique to the Place de la Bastille
in Paris, chanting in French and Hebrew and carrying signs that read
"Yesterday New York, today Jerusalem, tomorrow Paris.”

Today’s Jerusalem is an unhappy city, its non-Jewish majority
dispossessed, uprooted, pushed into ghetto and controlled by the brutal
Jewish Border Police. Today’s Jerusalem has the most advanced torture
facilities, and there, thousands of kidnapped Palestinians are subjected
to electric chocks, beating and humiliation. Today’s Jerusalem is a
place where only Jews can move freely and enjoy the fruits of
civilisation. Should it be a model for tomorrow’s Paris? Mais non, the
people of France had experienced the German Nazi conquest in 1940s, and
they did not want to try the Judeo-Nazi occupation.

That was the main message sent by the French voter. We should thank
General Sharon’s brutality and ill-conceived solidarity of Jews in
France with the g?nocidaire for this result. Until now, the Jews were
divided in their tasks and purposes. In Palestine, they created a toxic,
ferociously nationalist and religiously fanatic entity based on Hitler’s
Nuremberg Laws. Elsewhere, in France as well as in Britain, they
promoted the pseudo-liberal paradigm of dismantling European national
and cultural content in favour of the Judeo-American spirit. In
Palestine, they shot at the church; in France, they undermined it by
subterfuge. One law for themselves: extreme right wing nationalism of
Sharon. Another law for the goyiim: liberal New Labour of Tony Blair.

If the Jews would have sense, they would keep the inner dialectical
unity of their pincer-movement attack as their best guarded secret. But
they were inebriated by their successes. The spiritual teacher of
Sephardic Jews, Rabbi Obadiah Joseph, ruled that Jews should not show
their ascendancy in the world until they would be able to destroy the
Christian Churches in the Holy Land. Now, with the Nativity besieged,
they apparently felt the condition is fulfilled. Jews became united to
an extent unknown since the days of Christ, and united by a common will,
single purpose and a feeling of arriving to the pinnacle of power.
Intoxication of power and unity caused the usually cautious people to
drop masks, to leave pretences. It seems the Jews call out ‘Kill him’,
as two thousand years ago. This new openness provided us with a
previously unheard-of insight into the soul of the Jews and their

An authentic Jewish voice, Ron Grossman of Chicago Tribune[i] wrote, “As
a self-proclaimed humanist, I ought to recoil in horror from the thought
of tanks rumbling through a city, anybody's city. My head should hang in
sorrow at televised images of street fighting (rather, massacres - ISH)
in Bethlehem and Ramallah. But here is a hint: Don't lecture or preach
to us. Forget about appealing to our better selves”.

Please note this plural ‘us’ before denying the obvious. The Jews do not
hide anymore behind the useful but dated device of “Americans, French or
British citizens of Jewish faith”. It is again The Jews, a single body
with a single mind. Forget about appealing to their better selves, as
they have not got any. ‘The better selves’ were just a device.

“No one can express the aspirations of most Israelis like the prime
minister. This is not a war that was waged by Sharon, the "warmonger,"
this is the war of all of us”, reports Gideon Levy, a man of heart and
conscience, who was recently banned from the pages of the ‘liberal’
Haaretz. (I was banned ten years ago. Welcome to the club, Gideon!) “It
will also be very difficult to blame Sharon for the consequences of the
war, in the light of the sweeping support he has been given by the
majority of Israelis. Nearly 30,000 men were mobilized and they reported
for duty as one man, making the refusal movement, with 21 refuseniks
currently in jail, irrelevant”.

The Jews abroad were just as awful as those in Palestine. Professor
David D. Perlmutter wrote in LA Times[ii]: “I daydream--if only! If in
1948, 1956, 1967 or 1973 Israel had acted just a bit like the Third
Reich, then today Israelis would shop, eat pizza, marry and celebrate
the holy days unmolested. And of course Jews, not sheiks, would have
that Gulf oil’. Witty if snobbish Taki of the British weekly Spectator
contributed the following anecdotal evidence of the new Jewish vehemence
and single-mindedness: “On Easter Sunday, during lunch, the richest
woman in Israel, Irit Lando[iii], suddenly burst into my house and began
to harangue my friends and family about Adam Shapiro. Despite the fact
she's one of my wife's oldest friends and was invited to drop in after
lunch, I was extremely annoyed. I reminded Irit that my house was not
Israeli occupied territory; that it was Easter; and knowing how I feel
about the plight of the Palestinians, she should change the subject.
Which she did, turning on the press, instead, and how they gave
publicity to that godawful traitor Adam Shapiro”.

As few mavericks of Jewish origin like Adam Shapiro or marvellous
Jennifer Loewenstein became increasingly marginalized, the Jews en masse
rally to support Sharon and Israel. From Moscow to Brooklyn, from
Marseille to Hampstead, the Jews speak in one voice. WE ARE ONE,
proclaimed the headline of the Jewish Week. This vision of united, ready
for the kill, Jewry could not but scare the French voter, and any
thinking man. Le Pen was probably the only French politician totally
opposed by the Jews.

The French and the West European Left should learn the lesson before it
is too late. Their liaison with the Jews became a liability and a source
of embarrassment. Historically it was probably justified, but not any
more. Even the Jewish stranglehold on media can not deliver the
electoral goods. Instead of supporting Jewish agenda, the Left should
compete with the Right by addressing problems of working class in the
country and of the income disparity on the global scale. There should be
no more immigration, and this task calls to stop the main creator of
immigration, the unfair Judeo-American globalisation and Bush and Blair’
s War against Islam. In the forthcoming May elections in the UK, the
Left should give the boot to Michael Levy’s prot?g? Tony Blair, and turn
to the tradition of Michael Foot.

The electoral success of Le Pen could signify the beginning of the end
of the Jewish post-war ascendancy. Inverting the slogan of French Jews,
we say, "Yesterday Paris, Today Washington, and Tomorrow Jerusalem".



[ii] April 7, 2002

[iii] I normalised the spelling of her name. Taki the snob had to spell
quite an ordinary Jewish name Landoi (var. Landau) in the French way.

Israel Shamir is an Israeli journalist based in Jaffa. His articles can
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