Belgrade, April 7, 2001



Head Committee of the Socialist Party of Serbia met today in Belgrade after the end of
the massive rally of support to SPS President Slobodan Milosevic, who was detained a
week ago. Head Committee stated that the rally in front of Government of Serbia
buildings was big success.

Several speakers, young socialists, members of the Party leadership and guests from
Montenegro were cheered and applauded by more than 20.000 citizens. The key
demand to the authorities was freeing Milosevic from detention immediately, letting him
defend his innocence from freedom and stop politically motivated detentions.
Proclamation read at the meeting asked the authorities to answer who were the masked
armed men, bearing neither official insignia nor the authorization of a judge investigator,
who attacked Mr. Milosevic's residence.

Proclamation underlined that the DOS regime is fulfilling only one of its promises: it is
releasing Albanian terrorists and putting Serbian patriots in jails. It trades away national
and state interests. It sells the dignity of Serbia "for a handful of dollars". In the middle
of Belgrade, the DOS officials roll out the red carpet for Solana, Cook and other war
criminals. While they show off their "international support", the separatists in
Montenegro, Vojvodina and Raska organize further attempts to break up Yugoslavia
and Serbia. In everyday life misery and poverty rule.

Delegation of protesters went to the Central jail in Belgrade to visit Slobodan Milosevic
and present him the Proclamation, but was denied to do so by responsible authorities.
This provoked another protest because Serbian authorities were officially requested for
permission to visit Milosevic 24 hours in advance.