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Dave Silver 

Czechoslovakia, U.S. Imperialism and Socialist Cuba

The successful counterrevolution in the present day Czech Republic has come full circle.  Czechoslovakia, a recent dependent capitalist state is now in full collaboration with the imperialist super power to destabilize the socialist Republic of Cuba which provides an alternative model to oppressed, dominated and exploited peoples world wide.  

In a January 23, 2001 Press Release, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba announced
the arrest by the Cuban Immigration Division in Ciego de Avila of two Czech nationals Ivan Pilip and Jan Bubenik who were traveling as tourists.  The Press Release stated that these two “tourists” were following instructions “from the U.S. based counterrevolutionary organization Freedom House to hold
conspiratorial meetings with members of small subversive groups in that province.”

Under section 109 of the Helms-Burton Act adopted in 1996, the “Transition Project” received (500,000 dollars) from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).  The internal subversion began in 1997 with the generous financing from the USAID to the anti-Cuban “Center for Free Cuba” which was headed by former CIA agent and Freedom House Director Frank Calzon.

Pilip and Bubenik were briefed in New York by a Robert Pontichera who provided them with names and addresses of individuals in Cuba whom they were to speak to in order to obtain information on the  political, economic  and social situation on the island.  In addition Freedom House provided lap
tops, accessories, CD’s, and diskettes which were to be given to the selected individuals.

The conspiracies begun in 1989 were handled by the U.S. Interests Section in Havana which was used as a conduit to the “dissidents” that were receiving logistic support from the Cuban mafia in Miami also known as the Cuban American National Foundation. For at least a decade Czech officials have been involved in conspiring with Washington to support its policies particularly the illegal and genocidal Blockade.  

In 1990 Czech officials sponsored counterrevolutionary groups inside Cuba and provided material
assistance, technical and financial support as well as political backing.

One such official, Petr Mikyska, Third Secretary of consular affairs was promoted to Acting Charge d’Affairs at the embassy of the Czech Republic in Cuba.  Developing close ties to the Second Secretary at the U.S. Interests Section Christopher Sybilla, Mikyska  was able to systematically provide material and political support for counterrevolutionary groups.  

From the Press Release: “He also made many trips to Miami where he was recruited on April 15, 1993 by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cuban American National Foundation., Jose Calvo who was himself a notorious terrorist…and member of the paramilitary group closely linked to plots to
assassinate President Fidel Castro.”  Mikyska is only one of the several officials cited in the report.

Anti-Communists in Liberal disguise hailed the “dissident” and human rights activist in Socialist Czechoslovakia, Vaclav Havel.  It was President Havel, the counterrevolutionary, who transformed his country into a docile and willing tool of US imperialism and its vendetta against Cuba. It is incumbent upon all progressive people worldwide to increase its solidarity efforts for this socialist beacon.

February 2001     

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