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Dave Silver

U.S. JEWS, ISRAEL AND THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY                                              

Norman Finkelstein’s Holocaust Industry (Verso 2000) has made an important
contribution to busting Lies and showing the ideological underpinnings to
the term Holocaust which he differentiates from the Nazi Holocaust which
refers to the physical genocide of the Third Reich.  As he notes that of all
the groups decrying their victimization, including Blacks, Latinos,Native
Americans and women, Jews are the only group that has used “identity
politics and the Holocaust not because of victim status but because they are
not victims.” For instance the per capita Jewish income is nearly double
that of non Jews and sixteen of the forty wealthiest Americans are Jews.
Finkelstein cogently observes that “Just as many Jews kept Israel at arms
length when it constituted a liability, but became born again Zionists when
it constituted an asset.  So they kept their ethnic identity at arms length
when it constituted a liability and became born again Jews when it
constituted an asset.”   Or as novelist Philip Roth notes that an American
Jewish child inherits a kind of psychology which can be translated into
three words: “Jews are better.”

In the 70’s Jewish leaders concocted a “new anti-Semitism” which served
multiple purposes.  According to Finkelstein  “it boosted Israel’s stock as
a refuge (if and when American Jews needed one, and the fund raising appeals
of Jewish organizations purportedly fighting anti-Semitism fell on more
receptive ears.”  He cogently states that as “American Jews enjoyed greater
secular success, they moved steadily toward the right politically.”
Complementing the rightward turn was “an inward turn, as Jews, no longer
mindful of past allies among the have nots, increasingly earmarked their
resources for Jewish concerns only.”
This re-orientation became clearly evident in growing tensions between
Blacks and Jews.  As Finkelstein notes that with “concerns now couched in
class rather than racial terms, Jews fled to the suburbs.”  In  the 1968
teacher work stoppage (it was not a legitimate labor dispute or “strike”) in
New York Jewish racism manifested itself as Black communities fought for
some control over the systemic failure of schools.  It is not surprising
therefore that major Jewish organizations and publications filed amicus
curia briefs in Supreme Court in the DeFunis (1974) and Bakke (1978) cases
in efforts to dismantle affirmative action programs.

Finkelstein: “Moving aggressively to defend their corporate and class
interests, Jewish elites branded all opposition to their new conservative
policies anti-Semitic.  Thus ADL leader Nathan Perlmutter maintained that
the ‘real anti-Semitism’ in America consisted of policy initiatives
corrosive of Jewish interests, such as affirmative action, cuts in the
defense budget, and neo-isolationism, as well as opposition to nuclear power
and even Electoral College reform.”  This interest was manifested in “museum
politics,”  in which Elie Wiesel led “the offensive to commemorate Jews
alone.”  For instance Holocaust writers such as Yehuda Bauer maintained that
Gypsies did not fall victim to the same Nazi genocide as did the Jews.  Also
part of the Holocaust museum’s political agenda has been shaped by the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict in which the fraudulent claim made in Joan
Peter’s From Time Immemorial which claimed that Palestine was literally
empty before Zionist colonization.

Finkelstein deals with the “Holocaust Survivor” in a chapter aptly called
the Double Shakedown.  He says it has come to include not only those who
endured but also those who managed to evade the Nazis.  It includes for
example, more than 100,000 Polish Jews who found refuge in the Soviet Union
after the Nazi invasion of Poland. This notwithstanding that “those who had
lived in Russia had not been treated differently than citizens of the
country” according to historian Leonard Dinnerstein.  Randall Robinson’s
book Compensate the Forgotten Victims of America’s Slavery
Holocaust,juxtaposed the U.S. government’s silence “on this theft” even as
U.S. Undersecretary of State Stuart Eizenstat labored to make 16 German
companies compensate Jews used as slave laborers during the Nazi era.
Meanwhile the World Jewish Congress allegedly speaking for “needy Holocaust
survivors” wants to earmark half of Swiss payments to go to Jewish
organizations and  Holocaust education.”  As Finkelstein points out the
Jewish Claims Conference’s official Guide to Compensation and Restitution
for Holocaust Survivors lists scores of organizational affiliates including
banks, art museums and private industry.

In a telling Conclusion Finkelstein says that we can learn much about
ourselves from the Nazi experience.  The U.S. imperialist doctrine Manifest
Destiny “anticipated nearly all the ideological and programmatic element’s
of Hitler’s Lebensraum policy.  In fact Hitler modeled his conquest of the
East on the American conquest of the West.”  Just as a majority of American
States enacted sterilization laws during the first half of the 20th century,
the Nazis specifically invoked the U.S. precedent in enacting their own
sterilization laws.  The notorious 1935 Nuremberg Laws stripped Jews of the
franchise and forbade miscegenation between Jew and non-Jew, so the Blacks
in the South suffered the same legal disabilities and actually were victims
of greater spontaneous and sanctioned popular violence than Jews in prewar

Finkelstein says that the challenge today “is to restore the Nazi Holocaust
as a rational subject of inquiry.” This can only be done by developing a
consciousness in this and future generations as to how the monster called
the Third Reich came into existence and developed the enormous
machinery-human and material for its Genocide.  To do this we must first
point to the German Cartels and their US co-conspirators like General
Electric and IBM as providing the material base for Nazi conquest and the
use of anti-Communism (Bolshevism then) linked to the scapegoating of the
Jews as the source of the vast misery in the Third Reich. Such a
consciousness is a pre-requisite for establishing viable people’s
organizations capable of identifying and successfully resisting any future
encroaching fascism.

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