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An amusing case, or the KPRF  and the town council of Astrakhan against Oleg Shein

An amusing document has arrived at the State Duma’s commission on ethics.  The document was sent by the town council of the city of Astrakhan and conveyed to the commission by deputy of the KPRF NV Arefevyi.  Here are some excerpts from the document in question.

“…The last circumstance merits special attention, since it precisely expresses reflects the main recurring theme (leitmotif) of all of OV Shein’s speeches.  The organization headed by him, the Alliance of Workers Unions “Zashchita” , has on several occasions made statements in the mass media about the non-compliance of the acting administration of the city of Astrakhan with branch tariff agreements, according to which an increase of wages was established for workers of the organization ZhKKh, which is on municipal property…accusing the town council of intentional lowering of the wages of the above mentioned branch.

…For the attainment of his goals OV Shein is not even averse to violations of the laws of Russia, calling workers to illegal strikes, blockades of highways, rail lines, arousing social hatred among the workers (but how else would one consider appeals according to which “any deputy or official, supporting the reform of the KZoT  should be considered the frenzied enemy of the workers”?!).  Furthermore, the Alliance of Workers’ Unions “Zashchita” headed by O.V. Shein has incited to “take all real power…, establish workers’ control at the factory and workers power in the country.

In connection with the enclosed I ask you to give it your attention and take all necessary measures regarding it.

Mayor of Astrakhan IA Bezrukavnikov”

There you have the matter, esteemed comrades.

Press Center of “Defense of Labor”

Translation Mark Harris 17 February 2001
Source:  http://www.left.ru/2001/2/stukachi.html
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