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“For a Ukraine without Bourgeois and Fascists”
Joint Initiative

Translation from the Russian, Mark Harris, 22 February, 2001

Ukraine is being sold to liquidate debts.  Among the buyers are the “Great Eastern Neighbor”, the transoceanic “Strategic Partners”, and “compassionate” Europeans.  All of them are capitalist colonizers of Ukraine, indifferent to the fate of the working people.

The lackeys of the local colonial administration represent their interests in the tender of sale of the homeland.  It’s entirely clear that the President wants to carry out his gendarme-lackey responsibilities on his own, ‘according to understandings’ without the observation of any rules.  In its turn the bourgeois opposition declares its aspiration to defend bourgeois rights and freedoms, but its general democratic demands hide the bluntly anti-worker essence of the pro-Western, pro-IMF politics of the Yushchenko government.  They are openly striving to transform their campaign to the movement for “Ukraine without Kuchma and Communists”.  

When necessary, neither faction of the bourgeoisie is shy about the use of brute force.   In the February events both sides (of the bourgeois forces) used neo-fascist militants against the attempts of worker-activist to give the movement ‘Ukraine without Kuchma’ an anti-bourgeois content.  The bankrupt authorities used Bandera bandits from the Trident (Ukrainian Nationalists’ Symbol –trans); the bourgeois opposition - nazis from the “Ukrainian National Self Defense Forces” (UNO-UNCA).

In this complex situation, the only alternative to the coming reaction may be the formation of a unified workers’ front of all actual left forces under the slogan ‘For Ukraine without Bourgeois and Fascists’, on the following principles:

· No support for any fraction of the bourgeoisie!  Determined separation from all of them!
· Condemnation of the acts of neo-fascist terror against worker- and left-activists, ban of Nazi parties and organizations.
· Resistance to attempts to establish an open bourgeois dictatorship in Ukraine, defense of freedom of speech and other democratic rights and freedoms.
· The demand for the early dismissal of government, parliament and the president.
· Abolition of the office of the president.
· Liberation of Ukraine from the IMF, oligarchs, bourgeois and their lackeys, and from betrayers of the working people.

We appeal to all political parties and organizations, who defend the interests of the working class, to establish a joint committee of the unified workers’ front, in order to develop a program of coordinated actions for the nearest future.

We are certain that with coordinated actions of parties, youth organizations, groups and activists, we will be able to open the eyes of the people of Ukraine to the ongoing bourgeois orgy, and with the combined efforts of the working people to do away with the dictatorship of capital.

For the Kiev City Committee of the Union of Leninist Communist Youth of Ukraine:
A. Manchuk, member of Union of Leninist Communist Youth

For the Alliance of Revolutionary Marxists “Workers’ Resistance”:
 A. Anshakov, secretary of the Kiev Group

For the Kiev Committee of the Union of Marxists:
 E. Leshan

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