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The ruling bourgeois-comprador elite of Latvia, even before entering NATO, is doing
its best to serve the interests of its imperialist lords. With this purpose the
government has approved the construction of a radar station on Latvian territory.
This will serve as part of the air defense system of the aggressive imperialist bloc.
The construction of the radar station is planned to take place in a populated area in
the Rezeknenskii region. This would jeopardize the life and health of the local

Additionally, Latvia is planning to enter NATO despite the will of the people of that
country. According to sociological polls conducted by the independent organization,
“Prata Sp?ks”, 70% of the population opposed Latvia entering NATO, 20% refused to
express its opinion and only 10% supported it. To allow the construction of such a
station on Latvia's soil in these conditions is an act of national treason by the

Moreover, the radar station is planned to be built near the village Audrini, where
exactly 60 years ago Nazi Germans, in cooperation with Latvian collaborators,
committed one of the most dreadful crimes against humanity on Latvia soil. The
fascist hordes completely destroyed the village of Audrini and shot almost its entire
population in the Anchupanski forest for giving shelter to four Soviet war prisoners
who had managed to escape. Today's betrayers of Latvia have given the green light to
the imperialists to construct a tool of aggression above the bones of the Latvian
patriots, who gave their lives for its freedom and independence during the Great
Patriotic War. This is an insult to the memory of those heroes and victims of the
Great Patriotic War and the history of our people.

Over 19 thousand signatures demanding a halt to the construction of the radar
station have been already collected in the Rezeknenskii region. Signatures are being
collected in other regions of Latvia. Several social and political organizations have
joined this campaign and are supporting the demand of the people of Latvia.

We call on all social, political and Marxist organizations and honest citizens
abroad to send messages of protest against the decision of the Latvian

  1.Latvijas ministru prezidents (Prime Minister) A. Andris Berzins

     Latvijas Republikas ministru kabinets

     Brivibas bulvaris 36, LV-1520, Riga, Latvija

  2.LR Aizsardzibas ministrija (Ministerstvo oboroni Latvii) 

     K. Valdemara iela 10/12, LV-1473,

     Riga, Latvija

  3.or to the nearest diplomatic representative of Latvia in ones country.

Club of Marxist Workers of Latvia, “Orion”

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