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The Pakistani Rich are Worse than Animals
Taimur Rahman
Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party

        Even animals have their limits, but the Pakistani ruling-class,
arguibly the most reactionary ruling-class anywhere in the world (if not
in the history of the world) are worse than animals.  In Muzaffargarh
the worst crime imaginable has occurred.

A boy of low class peasant origin was found sitting in a field next to a
girl of the feudal family. The boy was twelve years old and the girl was
about 16.  Obviously, these were two kids just playing in the fields.

The feudal lords of the area, who live with a culture of strictly
segregating their women and themselves from the manual workers were
infuriated by the fact that the two were socialising.  Feudal lords in
Pakistan think of women as property that might become unclean if low
class people come in contact with their Izzat (honour).

So they kidnapped the boy and raped him.

At first they thought that the 12 year boy would not leak the story.  As
it became clear that the boy might leak the story possibly even to the
police, the feudal lords made another attack on the peasants.

To cover up their earlier deed, they called a meeting of the Jirga
(feudal tribal council) and alleged that the two had been found in a
"compromising position" and that justice could only be served by the
rule "an eye for an eye".  400 peasants were watching the meeting of the

The Jirga ordered the father of the girl to bring his 18 year old
daughter (the sister of the boy) to the Jirga.  He complied. She was
taken to a nearby barn and gang raped by four adult men. She was sent
back to her father and parents NAKED.

All the low classes of the village stood-by powerless.

These are the Jirgas and Panchayats that politicians such as Imran Khan
and Karzai (in Afghanistan) so boldy hold up as the model of democracy.
Who order the gang rape of teenagers. Some of the names of those who
committed this crime are: Fayyaz, Manzoor, Allah Ditta, Maulvi Abdul
Razzaq and Mazoor Jatoi. The name of the sixth member could not be

The Punjab police has allegedly arrested some people involved with this
incident. But the fact is that the Punjab police is full of more rapists
than the feudals of Pakistan.  In my opinion they have arrested the
perpetrators of this crime to save them from a possible attack by other

There are powerful lessons to be learnt from this incident.

First, this teenage girl (just like your daughter or sister) was not
gang raped by 
some frustrated group of youngsters acting on their own (not that this
would have made this henious act any less barbaric), but by the TRIBAL
COUNCIL.  To further humiliate the poor peasants, she was sent back home

This was therefore, a decision taken by the ruling-class against the
poor peasants.  Its intention was to "teach them all a lesson".  The
lesson is that the poor are the slaves of the rich ruling-class of
Pakistan.  If they mistakenly feel that there is any form of equality,
even socialisation between the rich and the poor, the worst possible and
most humiliating punishment will be metted out against them.  Even the
Israeli army has to maintain some semblance of democracy and concern for
human rights in the international media, but the feudal lords of
Pakistan are criminals beyond compare.  They are worse than the

Therefore, it is abundantly clear that these slave drivers are unwilling
for any form of equality or democracy.  Is there any solution open to
the workers and peasants of Pakistan other than a revolution?

No!  The slave holders of Pakistan, who have denied the people the
opportunity for freedom and justice have themselves sealed the fate of
the future course of development of Pakistani society.  They are the
ones that should be held responsible for violent revolution.  They have
denied the people any other course of action.  The peace-loving people
have tried every means to achieve some semblance of equality and
democracy but it has always been crushed by the military, the feudals,
and the capitalists.

The time has come for the people of Pakistan to take their destiny into
their own hands. To not wait for the establishment, the police, the
army, the courts, the judiciary, the parliament (which does not exist),
and all these other institutions that are only built to protect the rich
to "deliver" justice.  The time has come for the people to create a
peoples justice.  

Just like the women of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) are arming
their women, the women of Pakistan should be fully armed to defend
themselves. Not only those who raped the girl, but all those who
participated in anyway in the decision of to rape this girl should be
given the death sentence.

People talk of non-violence, they say we need reform not revolution.
These are the silly dreams of utopians who are totally disconnected and
unaware of the reality of the oppression on the ground.  They are
unaware of the barbaric character of the ruling-class of Pakistan.

The first conclusion is that Pakistan needs a peoples-democratic

Second, we must ask ourselves, when Pakistan was created it was said
that this was in order to safeguard the Muslims.  Have the Muslims been
safeguarded?  On the Khabarnama (news) at 9 pm our government talks of
the rape of Kashmiri women by the Indian soldiers. Are the working-women
of Pakistan safe from the feudals, police, and army of Pakistan?  It is
said that the rights of self-determination of the Kashmiri people are
not safeguarded.  Are the rights of self-determination of the people of
Pakistan guaranteed?

The answer to all these questions, and many others, is NO!
Today the people of Pakistan are enslaved to the feudals, capitalists,
and the civil military oligarchy.

Therefore, the greatest enemy of the people of Pakistan is not the
Indian aggressor.  The Indian aggressor is the greatest enemy of the
people of India.  The greatest enemy of the people of Pakistan is the
enemy at home.  The ruling-class and rich of Pakistan who thrive on
looting, plundering, and rape.

It is against our own ruling-class that we need to make a
peoples-democratic revolution.

Therefore, I appeal to you:

People of Pakistan, do not be fooled by the nationalist and religious
sloganeering of our ruling-class.

The real enemy of the poor people of Pakistan, the workers and peasants
of Pakistan, the men and women of Pakistan, the Baluchi, Sindhi, Pathan,
Kashmiri, Punjabi is the ruling-class, the class of rich people of

In what sense can we talk of Independence when our daughters and sisters
raped by jirgas and panchayats.  Enough is enough.

Unite the many to fight the few!
Unite the poor to fight the rich!
Unite the people to overthrow the ruling-class!

Inqalab Zindabad

Taimur Rahman
Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party

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