June 29, 2001

          Dear Friend of Yugoslavia and of Truth,

          We are writing because we need your help!

          Former U.S. Attorney General and human rights activist Ramsey Clark is in Belgrade  With him is IAC
          West Coast coordinator Gloria La Riva, a videographer who produced the world-renowned film, NATO
          Targets.  Both had been under NATO bombs twice in 1999 to show their solidarity with Yugoslavia.
          They returned two days ago to again show support for the struggle against the re-colonization of Serbia.

          Mr. Clark had attempted on June 26 to fly to Belgrade to confer on former President Slobodan
          Milosevic’s defense. But the Yugoslav ambassador to the U.S., Milan Protic, refused to grant a visa. The
          delay prevented a meeting before the kidnapping and abduction of Milosevic. Ambassador Protic actually
          defied orders from the federal government of Yugoslavia to issue Mr. Clark a visa. Protic was following
          orders from other masters, those running the U.S. Even after landing in Belgrade, collaborators in Zoran
          Djindjic’s police force tried to put them back on the plane. Finally representatives of the Foreign Ministry
          were able to get through to Mr Clark. A crime ordered by Washington took place June 28 in Belgrade,
          the 612th anniversary of the battle of Kosovo Polje, a battle that even in defeat became a national symbol
          of heroic struggle against occupation and enslavement.

          Mr. Milosevic, who was the elected president of Yugoslavia when this heroic land resisted 78 days of
          U.S./NATO bombing, was turned over to those same NATO powers by collaborators in the current
          government. They are selling the president and the national honor to the criminals who bombed and
          sanctioned the people of Yugoslavia. All people of honor must resist these acts.

          Tens of thousands of people gathered in Belgrade June 29 to protest this crime. They are not necessarily
          supporters of Mr. Milosevic or his policies. But they all find it shameful that the person who led the
          defense of their country was sold out for a handful of coins. Similar loans to other countries in Eastern
          Europe have been Trojan horses, increasing their dependency and deepening their poverty as their riches
          are taken away.

          A second “bombing campaign” of Yugoslavia is now underway. The phony tribunal established by the
          NATO countries at the Hague is planning months of bombardment with daily media lies and horror
          stories. Each new tale is designed to justify NATO’s war on a sovereign country that had no troops
          outside its own borders. Countless arrests of other patriots who dared to stand up to NATO lie ahead.

          All those who defend Yugoslavia from aggression, all who fight for peace will lose if Washington, Berlin
          and their allies succeed in blaming Milosevic for the war against Yugoslavia. They are desperately trying
          to use the case against Milosevic to escape blame themselves.

          The International Action Center has taken on the vital task of organizing within the United States itself a
          movement to protest this illegal abduction and to remind the world of the real crimes committed by
          NATO. We are rushing a book to the printer that gives an accurate record of NATO’s bombing and
          destruction of Yugoslavia. Regular press releases, internet work, and gathering testimony is essential in the
          days ahead. Otherwise the lies of the warmakers will go unanswered and unopposed.

          This is a critical moment. We need your help to continue to defend Yugoslavia. Please make a generous
          donation to assist this work. A tax deductible contribution of $50 or more can be made out to the
          People’s Rights Fund / Truth for Yugoslavia Campaign. Credit card donations can be made on line at

          At a meeting in New York on Thursday, July 5 we will hear first hand from Mr. Clark and see video
          footage of the mass demonstrations shot by Ms. La Riva. This meeting will also include the participation
          of leaders of the European anti-NATO movement, uniting those on both sides of the Atlantic who held
          popular tribunals that condemned the NATO leaders for their war crimes against Yugoslavia.

          Please come to this meeting and follow the reports on our Web site. And send your support, send the
          funds the International Action Center needs to carry out this struggle to get out the truth about the real war
          criminals. Defend Yugoslav sovereignty.

          In solidarity,

          Sara Flounders
          Milos Raickovich
          Pat Chin
          Brian Becker

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          Ramsey Clark, Chairperson