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On the Threat to National Security of Russia 

Statement of the Central Committee Communist Party of the Russian Federation 
25 May 2002   

Russia’s position in the world is rapidly deteriorating. The foreign policy of president Putin and oligarchs who stand behind him threatens the very existence of the country. Reliable allies have been sold out. Russian bases in Vietnam and Cuba, vital for our country’s security, have been closed. American soldiers have entered Central Asia and Georgia. Soon US aircraft will land at the airfields of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The CIS and Russia have already being proclaimed the sphere of the US vital interests. The strategic encirclement of Russia is being completed with full consent of Mr.Putin and his team.  

Russia’s defense capability is being purposefully undermined. The policy of Putin - Kasyanov regime makes it impossible to maintain combat readiness of the armed forces even at a minimum level. Under the pretext of its reduction, the army it is being openly destroyed. The size of our army will soon go down to that of Turkish, which unlike the Russian army, is equipped with modern weapons.  

Our army did not receive new weapons for 10 years. The Navy is being destroyed. Today military pilots have no fuel for training, and the Navy - for sea exercises. For the first time in the history of Russia the officers’ privileges earned for protecting Motherland with their lives, have been taken away. The pride by ours space research - the orbital station “Mir” - was drowned. In Baikonur the world largest space engineering testing complex collapsed.  

The special services of USA and their allies penetrate freely all corners of the country. They are trying to infiltrate their agents of influence into power structures of Russia. Pro-American forces are openly seeking control over the Foreign Ministry, the army and security services.  

The present Russian leadership does not need either honest security services or a strong national army. They need mercenaries able to suppress any protest of the dispossessed people. The military “reform” moves in this direction. Here the interests of the ruling groups of Russia and USA completely coincide.  

The West has no need to occupy our territory, as the Russian authorities prepare to sell land to foreigners. The USA have no need to bomb our factories, for the “reformers” have already strangled whole industries and continue to sell the rest of state property at miserable prices. America has no need to intimidate our people, as the Russian TV became a weapon of moral decomposition of the society and of psychological terror.  

The elections in our country have turned in farce and are needed only to consolidate the rule of the anti-Russian forces. The planned sale of power stations and railroads will result in the loss of Russia’s sovereignty. Washington has no need to push the Kremlin to new destructive “reforms”. Extremely radical approach has prevailed there anyway.  

The class character of Putin - Kasyanov regime serving tiny layer of oligarchs who seized public property is quite obvious. And servile attitude of the present residents of the Kremlin to Bush confirms their readiness to serve the global financial and speculative capital.  

America does not hide its pursuit of the world domination. But presently it is blocked by the existence of Russia with powerful missile and nuclear potential. This is why Bush is so persistently “courting” Putin who is visibly turning into a dependent junior partner and is willingly encouraging the US  global ambitions.  

The treaty on the reduction of strategic potentials signed by Bush and Putin is a program of unilateral nuclear disarmament of Russia. 1,5 thousand warheads, which Russia will be allowed to have, is exactly the number that the US Anti-Ballistic Missile system will be able to intercept.  Destructive privatization of Russian factories, which are still able to produce modern arms, is being prepared while scientific base of Russia’s strategic defense has already been almost completely destroyed.  

At the same time the US power is fast growing. The American military budget for 2003 will reach astronomical figure of 400 billion dollars. The USA will retain almost intact their nuclear forces. Simultaneously they have started to develop their Anti-Ballistic missile system. American weapons will appear in space and they will then be directed at “unfriendly” countries and peoples. New systems of the precision weapon are being developed.  

The USA are determined to protect their interests by global domination of their armed forces. As a matter of fact America already conducts a war against the world, imposing its standards, blackmailing peoples. USA have proclaimed “pariah” states such countries friendly to us as Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Northern Korea, Syria and are preparing to attack them.  

Russia is one of main targets of this war. The USA have publicly declared that Russia together with China and a number of other countries are still targeted by the American nuclear forces. Completely false partnership of the White House and the Kremlin in the struggle against “international terrorisms” (as a rule sponsored by secrete services) in no way reduces the animosities of the West towards our country. The military superiority of the USA is rapidly growing; the security of Russia is as rapidly deteriorating. Drastic weakening and eventual destruction of Russian nuclear forces will open way to unrestrained US state terrorism directed against the entire world.  

Planned admission to NATO of Baltic and East European countries presents a great danger to Russia. NATO armies will reach the borders of Russia. The tragedy of June 1941 again becomes possible. The Nazi Germany aggression against the USSR was preceded by enslavement of Eastern Europe and invasion of heroic Yugoslavia. Today this scenario repeats almost completely.  

Creation of Russia - NATO Council is a deceit needed to deprive Russia of the will to challenge new expansion of the Alliance to the East. In this “council” Russia will have no voice on any serious issue. At the same time NATO will get the right to interfere into internal affairs of Russia. The unnatural union of Kremlin with NATO worsens our relations with China, India, Arab countries, Muslim world. Alienates countries of Latin America and Africa. Creates preconditions for dragging Finland and other neutral states into NATO.  

Major decisions in military-strategic area were made by the Kremlin without consulting brotherly  Byelorussia. This contradicts the spirit and the letter of the treaty on creation of the allied state.  

The total passiveness of Putin in the face of approaching catastrophe confirms the loss of state will, his inability to protect Russia’s interests. We condemn the treaty on reduction of strategic potentials and the agreement on partnership with NATO as sharply weakening the security of Russia.  

Our security cannot be ensured without removal from power of the present ruling group. We demand formation of the government of national interests capable to unite people and to take the country out of the deep crisis. We call on all citizens of Russia to express the will on this issue vital for each person, for each family.  

In the history of Russia more than once there were times, when it was facing mortal danger. “Time of Troubles” with Polish warlords in the Kremlin. Napoleon’s invasion and Hitler’s aggression. Each time Russia went out of the ordeals revived and stronger.  

In the XXth century the Soviet Union led by the Communist Party became the world power that ensured not only its own security but also the balance of forces in the world. Our banners are covered with unfading Victories. We believe in Russia. We are convinced that it will liberate itself from the yoke of the global capital and its stooges and will restore its role in the world. 

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