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The Government of Russia is preparing to eliminate labor rights of citizens. 
 The critical moment in the struggle for the workers’ Labor Code has arrived. 
 Your support is urgently needed! 

 Three years ago, the Russian Government, fulfilling the will of the Russian capitalists and the
 International Monetary Fund, attempted to eliminate the existing Codex of Labor Law, which the
 fighting workers’ organizations used as a weapon against the arbitrary rule of their new masters. 
 Now the government is forcing the acceptance in the State Duma of a barbarian bill on the Labor
 Codex, which throws Labor legislation in Russia back to the beginning of the 20th century.  It
 legislates the 12-hour working day, overtime without compensation, night work for pregnant
 women and the complete lack of rights for the unions.  National actions of protest of the
 independent unions, which were carried out in 1999 and 2000, permitted the previous attacks of the
 government to be beaten back, and to postpone the vote in the State Duma on passage of the new
 Labor Code. 

 But now the old Trade Unions of Shmakov (head of the Federation of Independent Unions of
 Russia) committed treason and came to agreement with the government.  They became coauthors
 of the so-called “conciliatory” bill on the Labor Code, which is all the same government variant,
 made worse, in authorizing compulsory labor.  This bill will be introduced into the State Duma on
 the 15th of June and will be submitted for consideration at the end of the month.  The decisive
 moment in the struggle for labor rights of the workers of Russia has arrived.  All forces must be

 The bill on the Labor Codex of the Russian Federation, was developed by the Fund of the
 Workers’ Academy and the Unions, and introduced into the State Duma by deputy Oleg Shein,
 supported by other deputies.  Its intention is the strengthening of the labor rights of the citizen. 
 This bill: 

 Guarantees protection from unemployment; 
 Reduces the working week to 35 hours; 
 Raises the minimum wage to a living wage; 
 Increases the portion of tariff in salary to 80%; 
 Requires payment of wages on time, and only in money; 
 Indexes salaries – protects against inflation; 
 Develops the collective bargaining relationship; 
 Protects free union activity of the workers. 

 Opposed to this bill is the bill on the Labor Code by the Commission of Conciliation, lobbied for by
 the authorities, which strives to: 

 Cut down the rights of workers; 
 Legalize the arbitrary will of the bosses; 
 Lengthen the working day; 
 Introduce a priority of fixed term employment contracts over open-ended contracts; 
 Blacklist workers defending their rights; 
 Firing at the whim of the employer; 
 Deprive the worker of stability and guarantees; 
 Undermine the collective bargaining relationship; 
 Weaken the unions and play them against one another. 

 Coming out against the bill of the Commission of Conciliation that would destroy labor rights, the
 authorized representatives of free labor unions of Russia supported the progressive bill introduced
 by deputy O.V. Shein at the Trade Union Congress on 6 June.  They called all workers out to
 participate in the national action on 19 June.  On this “Day of United Actions” for the progressive
 bill on the Labor Code” short  term work stoppages will be conducted, with factory whistles and
 the signals of transport systems, workers gatherings, demonstrations, pickets and other collective

 The Committee of United Actions in support of the national bill now turns to workers abroad for
 help, to unions and other progressive organizations, to support our 19 June actions by sending to the
 Duma and President Putin faxes, telegrams and letters of protest against the plans to liquidate the
 labor codex and in support of the all union bill on the Labor Codex introduced by Duma  deputy
 O.V. Shein, and also where possible by holding pickets at Russian embassies. 

 The outcome of the actions will determine the fate of the workers’ movement in Russia for many
 years to come. 

 It is very important to send letters to the faction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation
 in the Duma, since the attempt to drive back the government’s attack this time will in large extent
 depend on their position. 

 The Committee of Unified Action in Support of the All Union bill of Oleg Shein. 

 Addresses for letters in support  of Shein`s Labor Code draft and protests
 against the plans to abolish the acting Labour Code 

 State Duma of Russian Federation: 

 1 Okhotnyi Ryad, Moscow, Russian Federation, 103265 
 E-mail: priem@duma.gov.ru 
 fax:  7+(095) 292-85-08 - Speaker Gennady Seleznyov 

 President Vladimir Putin 
 fax:  7+(095) 206-02-66 
 E-mail  president@kremlin.ru 

 Gennady Zyuganov, Leader of the fuction of the Communist party of Russian Federation 

 fax: 7+(095) 292-56-85 

 Please, send copies of your faxes and telegrams to the deputy of the State Duma Oleg Shein,  the
 organizer of All-Russian Campaign for Workers’ Labour Code: 
 fax: 7+(095) 292-89-06 
 E-mail: shein@duma.gov.ru 

 List of organizations, representatives of which joined the committee of unified 
 action in support of the All-Union Bill of Oleg Shein. 

 Alliance of Workers Unions “Defense of Labor” 
 Russian Union of Dockworkers 
 Russian Union of Railroad Locomotive Teams 
 Alliance of unions of Russia SOTSPROF 
 Federation of Unions of Aviation Despatchers of Russia 
 Union of Workers of Engineering Aviation Service of the Civilian Aviation of Russia 
 Professional Pilots Union of Russia 
 Union of Aviation Communication and Radar Workers of Russia 
 Multiregional Alliance of Unions “Solidarity” 
 Russian Union of Marine Transport Workers 
 All Russian Union of Cabin Crews 
 Russian Confederation of Labor 
 Association of Air Crews 
 All Russian Confederation of Labor 
 Russian Union of Ship Builders 
 Siberian Confederation of Labor 
 The Organization of Federations of Independent Unions of Russia 
 Union of Public Educators and Scientists of the Russian Federation 
 Union “Dignity” 

 At the congress of 6 June there were in all 198 delegates from Moscow, Blagoveshchenck,
 St.Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Bladimir, Buzulk, Nizhni Novgorod, Archangelsk, Tomsk, Omsk,
 Vorkuta, Uzlova, Balakovo, Saratov, Barnaul Vladikavkaz, Petropavlock-Kachatcki, Strezhevi,
 Syktyvkara Krasnoyarsk, Pensa, Kursk, Konakovo, Vladivostok, Cegezha, Murmansk
 OrenburAstrakhan, Samara, Mirny, Ivanovo, Lipetsk, Uct Ilimsk, Rostov On Don, Perm,
 Ulyanovsk, Tyumen, Tula, Orexovo Zuevo, Ryazan, Klina, Likino-Dulevo, Chelyabinsk,
 Apzamasa-16, Nalchik Ukhta, Kotlac, Mineralni Bod, Miacc, Novokyznetska, Novorossiick
 Magadan, Volkhovo Vyborg, Kyrchatov, Solikamsk, Achinska, Kopeick Nizhnevartovsk,
 Noyabrask, Cyrguta, Kemerovo, Tambov.