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Belgrade, June 22, 2001         23:30  CET

After the major people's rally in support to the leader of country's 
independence Slobodan Milosevic, after almost all intellectuals and law 
experts of Belgrade University warned for the possible consequences of 
the threatened violation of the Constitution and thus creation of 
precedent in International Law by eventual extradition of president 
Milosevic to NATO court in the Hague, after the members of International 
Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic have sent a similar appeal from 
the meeting of it's Standing Committee in Belgrade, the colonial rulers 
in Belgrade are threatening with new abduction attempt.

The DOS coalition suffered a first major political defeat. They were 
forced to withdraw their controversial Draft Law on Cooperation with the 
Hague Tribunal from the parliamentary procedure after it become obvious 
that it couldn't be adopted. Now they have another, even more 
anti-Constitutional proposal: regulations of "cooperation" with the 
Hague, including the extradition, or, as they said "surrender" of 
Yugoslav citizens should be adopted by - Federal Government! According 
to DOS leaders the session of the Federal Government should take place 
at Saturday, June 23, 10 a.m. CET.

Simultaneously, rumors are being spread in Belgrade that even new 
attempt of abduction of Mr. Milosevic can take place during the weekend.
If the Federal Government would decide by vote of its members, DOS 
majority could reach their goal. Federal Prime-Minister, Montenegrin 
socialist Zoran Zizic could then eventually resign. Reaction of the 
Federal Constitutional Court would then also be expected. Most hysteric 
of the DOS leaders state that eventual fall of "their" Federal 
Government would mean the end of Yugoslavia - their fear of early 
elections they hide by warnings that such elections would be senseless 
due to almost certain boycott of Montenegrin separatists, led by Milo 
Djukanovic. They don't even want to mention the fact that Socialist 
Party of Serbia and Montenegrin Socialist People's Party have enough 
seats in the Federal Parliament to form a new majority.

In this dramatic moment when USA-NATO puppets in Belgrade threat to the 
very existence of the country, not saying about its independence and 
sovereignty, the Socialist Party of Serbia calls all progressive forces 
world-wide to protest against USA international dictatorship and against 
the quisling and colonial policy of the Belgrade regime. Eventual 
International Law precedent with the extradition of the former head of 
state would destroy last traces of sovereignty of any small and 
medium-size country in the world.

Please come to Belgrade immediately and declare solidarity with our 

Organize protests in front of USA and Yugoslav embassies. Give public 
statements, contact the media!

Send your protest letters to Belgrade rulers. Here are their fax 

Federal President Kostunica: +381 11 3015 055
Federal Foreign Minister Svilanovic:  +381 11 3618 366
Serbian Prime-Minister Djindjic:  +381 11 3617 609
Serbian Minister of Justice Batic:  +381 11 685 672

To join or help this struggle, visit:
http://www.sps.org.yu/ (official SPS website)
http://www.belgrade-forum.org/ (forum for the world of equals)
http://www.icdsm.com/ (the international committee to defend Slobodan 

N?stor Miguel Gorojovsky

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