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        May 20001                                               Dave Silver

The former leading symbol of the “poor Soviet Jews”, Natan Sharansky, an
Israeli Deputy Prime Minister, bemoans the ineffectiveness of the so called
Mideast Peace Process.   He does this in a May 14th article in the organ of
the ruling class, the Wall Street Journal.  He invokes the name of his
mentors, Andrei Sakharov and Yuri Orlov, who along with several other
dissidents founded the Helsinki Group in 1976 who were so concerned with
basic human rights that they called on those civil libertarians, Ronald
Reagan and the senator from Boeing Scoop Jackson to “reform” that evil red
empire the USSR.

From the stacked decks of the Madrid agreement to Oslo One, Camp David
photo-ops and Oslo Two, Israel and its mentor US imperialism saw to it that
the Tel Aviv regime would retain ultimate military control over West Bank
and Gaza, would allow the clerical fascist settlers to increase, would not
allow Palestinians in the Diaspora to return to their land, and would have
complete control over water resources and the movement of non-Jews in and
out of the Green line let alone allow a truly sovereign Palestinian State to
exist alongside of Israel.

Sharansky and his allies have opted for the racist ideology of Zionism and
became the precursor for the counter revolutionary “new thinking” which with
the enormous aid of western, primarily US imperialism since 1917 led to the
demise of the Soviet Union and People’s Democracies.  It is therefore not
surprising that these pimps for the bourgeoisie would be silent concerning
Israel’s many crimes and human rights violations from the Sharon directed
murders in Sabra and Shatilla to rockets and tanks killing Palestinian youth
to aerial bombardment of civilian targets near Ramallah and other sites, to
the Israeli CIA the Mossad training of death squads in Latin America and
the overthrow of Allende for that war criminal Kissinger to the serial
killer Baruch Goldstein at the Mosque or the military and economic ally of
Apartheid South Africa.

The racism and pro-imperialist stance of the Sharansky clique is fueled by a
virulent anti-communism.  Of course this is done in the name of the
Holocaust, aptly referred to by Prof. Norman Finklestein in his book as the
Holocaust Industry.