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Mr. Bush,

I apply to you as the leader of a country, the fascist essence which,
thanks to you, has become absolutely obvious for all humanity, even to those
who before your aggression in Iraq not only were in doubt about that, but
even considered your country as the model of justice and democracy.
I want you to see the results of your deeds from the point of view of us, 
the common people of the world as we look at you and your country from the outside.
I want to take you and the members of your administration who are cynically
destroying the oldest world civilization by the scruff of the neck and 
poke all of you into your own shit as small boys .

Mr. President, by your own admission, you haven't read a single book in your
entire life, as well as I 'm sure that neither your parents nor your
babysitters have read you the world-renowned book of fairytales -the "One Thousand and
One Arabian Nights". I'm sure that you haven't even heard about this ancient classic of the East. 
It's a pity, because there you could find the description of one of the ancient cities in
the world - Baghdad that your ignoramuses are methodologically destroying
now. How would you treat the person who with the empty eyes of a primate and
without any compassion crumbles the portrait of the Mona Lisa? 
Would you call such a man a madman? If 'Yes' - then take a look at the mirror, Mr.
President,  you belong to the madhouse because you have just ordered to destroy
one of the ancient palaces of the world. Is your answer 'No'? 
Then your normalcy is out of question as well.

I do not think you can clearly understand that you, your whole administration
and your army are less valuable for civilization then one column of the
destroyed palace.

What can your country  be proud of? What did your country create? What
are you leaving to your descendants, to history?  Rockets, submarines,
bombers, chemical, bacteriological weapons: All these were created to
destroy humanity! How about doing something for Life, just something?

How can it be considered the fact of your announcement that you are praying
for the kids that you're bombing? You carry them democracy and freedom,
happiness and independence and link all this with bombs? Probably you are
just a simple daft, Mr. President?

In your case, Mr. President, I decided to call a spade a spade. You are
complete nonentity; narrow-minded murderer and you have to mount the

With regards to your IQ level, your inability to perceive present-day
reality, your mechanical heartless speeches, I can openly say that you are
just a marionette of those powers that have already terrorized all the world
for half a century and whose interest in oil and profits forces them to make
the whole world kneel down as it was attempted by another fascist leader in
another country that happened 60 years ago in history that we recall with a
shudder now.

All civilized humanity can now see that your cynical and dishonest
statements about your belief in freedom and the principles of democracy
are but a fig leaf intended to hide the use of arms to support the crumbling  
'green weapon' of your aggression against the peoples of all the world -- 
the-no-longer-Almighty Dollar--that supports the undeservedly high level of 
consumption in your country.  You are hitting Iraq, but you are aiming at the Euro.
You plan to undermine  your main economic competitor and above all the two countries that
you fear: Russian and China.  These are the real couses of your war. 

It is you who destroyed the "Twin Towers" in New York.
It is you who has created and maintained the idea of terrorism to give yourself
a possibility to start a war for world domination. It is you who is killing your
own people. You do not care about the Iraqis and Hussein who you do not fear at
all. As it was with Hitler's attitude to Romania in the 40's in, you need oil and a base
from which you can destroy the enemies of your empire - Russia and China!

Just because of that you are trying to put a wedge between these two
countries. Because of that, with the help of internal enemies of Russia like
the oligarch Berezovsky, you have systematically destroyed the power of the Russian army
and sponsored separatists in Chechnya. But you see now that this situation is coming 
to an end and that is  Russia is becoming stronger and stronger. You see how
international resistance to your empire grows stronger as well.

Don't you see what's happening now in the world? How many people are
protesting now against you and your policy? What you ahave chieved today is that
the entire world hates you! Do you really think that the World will just sit and watch 
your US Wermacht  trotting down the beaten path of Fascist Germany?

The world will not ask you to tell it how to live and what political regime to run. It
will not ask for your approval for their candidates for their Parliaments or
their Governments. My opinion is that it will create -- it has to create --
a Coalition that will put an ultimatum to you: Either you leave Iraq or the
army of the Coalition will come there because this is the only way of
battling with you,  international criminals and killers.

Every decent human being should stand in your way today, Mr. Bush!  I'm sure
a new Nuremberg is waiting for you and all your followers!

March 23, 2003 - The third day of American aggression in Iraq

Alexander Orlovsky
Sergey and Irina Gavrilov

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