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Gallup Poll - World Opposes Military Action

An international Gallup poll
showed :

A full 32 out of 35 countries (the US, Israel and India in opposition) favored
a criminal justice response, rather than military action, in response to the
terrorist attack on America.

The numbers were clear: 67%-88% in NATO/Western countries and 83%-94% in Latin
America favoring a non-military approach.

Surprisingly, 30% of US respondents also supported this option even though US
corporate media consistently ignores it.

France had the highest support for military action of the European countries
with 30%. Britain 18. Greece with 8%.

All of the European countries were well above 60% in support of extradition to
stand trial.

It would be surprising and welcome if any of the corporate media in the US
reported this.

No doubt if the results were the opposite every single corporate media outlet
would carry it.

Once agendas are set, only approved "facts" are selected instead of the other
way around.

So much for a reasoned approach.

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