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October 2002      Dave Silver

 As the contradictions within capitalism sharpen we witness a crisis, both
economic and political.  A crisis affecting the largest transnational
corporations and therefore economic as well as a political crisis as
sociologist James Petras points out “affecting the state in its relation to
internal security and external belligerency.”

First there was the red-devil, then the drug devil and now the terrorist
devil.  The study of U.S, foreign policy will show that both wings of the
representatives of Capital in the White House have always manufactured
crises, using a Nazi like weapon of mass DESTRACTION in order to justify
war.  From the bombing of the battleship Maine as a prelude for intervening
in the Spanish Cuba war to Lyndon Johnson’s Tonkin Gulf Resolution based on
a big lie of a Vietnamese attack to Herbert Walker Bush’s lie of Iraqi
destruction of infant incubators in Kuwait.  Thus war has been an essential
ingredient of empire building from Grenada, Nicaragua, Chile and Panama in
order to eliminate or weaken the “Vietnam Syndrome.”
The Bush-Bin Laden family connection via the investment banking Carlyle
group is well documented.  U.S. imperialism is at least complicit and
facilitated 9-11 if not actual co-conspirators.  Just as US. German and
British imperialism used Serbian “human rights” violations in Kosovo, in
order to dismember Yugoslavia,  now “weapons of mass destruction” are used
to justify military occupation.

Let’s remember that in order to guarantee control of the second largest oil
deposits in Iraq U.S. imperialism resorts to using the diplomatic blackmail
at the U.N. now known as the “Yemen Precedent” when in 1990 Yemen
representative on the Security council was the only vote against the war
known as Desert Storm, the US diplomat at his side said that it will be the
most expensive NO vote you ever cast, and  was followed by cutting off the
entire $70 million aid to the poorest country in the Arab world.
For the first time “pre-emptive strike” and “regime change” is now declared
a “right” of US imperialism as was “Manifest Destiny” of an earlier
colonialism.   As Phyllis Bennis, author of Private Planet,  aptly notes
that Capitalist society is  “inextricably linked with ‘democracy’,
‘efficiency’ and ‘openness.’  But the reality of western power and its
ruinous affects can be seen in the victims of Africa, Asia, Latin America as
well as at home as the “beneficiaries”  of a state corporate system built on
plunder, poverty, environmental destruction and injustice.
A global transnational ruling class requires a global solidarity and an
independent political organization of Resistance based on a consciousness of
the common corporate enemy which unites all significant issues.

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