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Support the Hunger Strike of the Russian Airlines traffic Controllers!

On the 10th of October Russian trade unions, including Siberian Labour Confederation, will begin their protest action against the new Russian labour code that is neglecting the rights of workers. The Russian government has been initiator of introduction of this new code.

There will be pickets in all major Siberian cities and short breakages of work. The air traffic controllers have chosen the most radical form of protest.  The trade union of the air traffic controllers of Omsk (that is
participating in SLC) will start a hunger strike on the work place. Similar actions of air traffic controllers will take place in other Russian cities. The state civil servants are refusing to index the salaries of the air traffic controllers since 1998. This is their second demand.

Why the hunger strike is chosen as a form of protest? Because by law, air traffic controllers are not allowed to go on strike. When they'll begin the hunger strike on their working places, after 2 or 3 days they will not be allowed to work by doctors - and then the air traffic in the whole of Russia will come
to a halt. Earlier the air traffic controllers have already used this form of protest actions. The Attorney General of Omsk was trying to sue the trade unions leaders, but the air traffic controllers have won the case.

We will need broad support, including those of foreign and international organisations of workers.

Please send us your support letters:

Fax: 00 7 3812 16 41 15

E-mail: postmaster@zsa.omsk.su

Vassily Starostin,

Siberian Labour Confederation (SLC)

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