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In the past “Proletarskaya Gazeta” has reported that rank-and-file troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) are forming union structures in a number of cities of Russia in order to defend their rights and interests against the arbitrariness and corruption of local authorities. The unions of the MIA in their struggle against the exploiting class have established official fraternal links with the Federation of Workers Unions of Russia, “Defense of Labor”. The ruling bourgeoisie is terribly afraid of the alliance of the workers unions and the rank-and-file troops of the MIA, and it’s doing its best to disrupt it. A year ago the authorities of Novosibirsk tried its best to liquidate the union of local rank-and-file troops of the MIA. Indictments have been fabricated against activist of this union movement. Today the local authorities of Tomsk are using the same dirty methods, including the creation of conditions favorable for the physical liquidation of union activists.

We call an all the workers organizations of Russia and abroad, to all communists, honest and progressive people, to support in these hard times the rank-and-file troops of the MIA, who are being subjected to physical terror by the bourgeois authorities ofRussia.

 Protest against the arbitrariness of the authorities against the activists of the union of the MIA in the city of Tomsk
                                       may be addressed to:

   1.101793, Russia, Moscow, Ul. Bolshaya Dmitrovka, dom 15-A. General Prosecutor, V. V. Ustinov. 

   2.634050, Russia, Tomsk, Ul. Belinskovo, dom 14. Regional Prosecutor, Sukhopluev. 

   3.Head of the administration of the city of Seversk, N. I. Kuzmenko. Fax: +7 242 776 728. E-mail:

   4.Fedeal inspector of the of the region of Tomsk, A. A. Suvorov. E-mail: apso@tomsk.gov.ru 

   5.State Prosecution of the region of Tomsk. 634029, Russia, Tomsk, Ul. Belinskovo, dom 14. 

   6.President of Russia. E-mail: president@kremlin.ru 

                                 Letters of support should be sent to:

636070, Russia, Region of Tomsk, Seversk, Ul. Pervomaiskaya, dom 3, k. 101. O. Balanov. E-mail: prof-uvd@mail.ru

 Vladimir Nikiforov – Editor in chief “Proletarskaya Gazeta”

Anatolii Pizhov – Secretary of international relations of the executive committee of the Federation of Workers Unions of
Russia, “Defense of Labor”
                                                                                    October 22, 2001

                                                                                 Russia, Leningrad 

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