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9/5/02                                          Dave Silver

Our own “homeland criminals” are revving up for war.  The
Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld- Ashcroft Axis of Evil continues the legacy of
Hiroshima, Tonkin Gulf hoax of LBJ, the bombing of Yugoslavia, the
collateral damage in Afghanistan and now the murder of more women and
children in Iraq.  The imperialist USA is the biggest of the war criminals.
The policies of the political criminals in the White House, Pentagon, FBI
and CIA, are ultimately controlled by the corporate rulers like the economic
criminals at Enron, WorldCom, Bechtel, Boeing, and the IMF in order to
guarantee greater and greater capital accumulation.  They are sometimes
referred to as the ruling class.

To help them they use their puppet media at the NY Times, CNN and Channel 13
whom Brecht aptly called the intellectual pimps for the bourgeoisie.  This
is the axis of evil that creates global warming, pollutes the waters and
helps to cause drought in Africa and other parts of the world.  This is the
same gang that oppresses and exploits especially people of color and the
poor, that creates homelessness and allows people to die for lack of health

This is the same gang that ignored numerous foreign embassy warnings of a
pending attack here, numerous intercepted memos, the same gang that flew
leading Taliban out of the US immediately before the attack.  Even though
Washington knew that there were multiple hijackings no jets were scrambled
for 45 minutes to intercept the hijackers.  We say that there are ample
grounds to think in terms of U.S. complicity if not direct and active
conspiracy.  US imperialism made sure that Osama bin Laden would have
sophisticated weaponry and Intelligence.  Carter dispatched National
Security Advisor Brzezinski in 1980 to the Pakistani border with Afghanistan
to plan strategy with the clerical fascistic terrorists on overthrowing  the
Soviet supported, progressive secular regime of Najibullah in Kabul.  9/11
co-conspiracy?  Maybe. U.S. complicity absolutely.

In the name of a war on terrorism we see random arrests, no charges and
indefinite detentions without counsel.  Sorry wrong surname or color. They
tried to do the same with the anthrax attacks which quickly became unraveled
and lead to micro-biologists right here at Fort Dietrich military research
lab (pardon the expression).  And why were leading journalists silent and
the FBI failed to act?  Perhaps because the scientists were engaged in
weaponizing anthrax and other chemical agents which violates the Chemical
and Biological Treaty of 1991 to say nothing of morality.

We need an independent political movement that recognizes the fact that
there is a common enemy-the Transnational corporate rulers that unites all
of the crucial issues of Justice and Peace.

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