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The same political forces who built "solidarity" with Bosnia and the "Serb Workers", are now trying to do the same with Chechnya and "Russian Workers". This is nothing more than a New Left veneer for the old AFL-CIO interventionism in Latin America and the rest of the Third World. We now know that the CIA and other government agencies worked in close alliance with the AFL-CIO to finance this "solidarity". International Solidarity With Workers in Russia is an organization that The US Left should reject. The Labor Movement has a long, sorry, history of pumping dollars into the political situations of more impoverished areas. This is also the US government strategy for intervention in the internal affairs of countries it hopes to undermine. Hopefully the majority of the socialist US Left will reject this approach. To not do so would have far graver consequences, than if the labor movement went along with the anti-Chinese forces now trying to deny China entry into the WTO. Tony Abdo
To the ISWoR: I am frankly appalled that you have not learned from the US tactics in Kosovo to see the US hand at work now. Or is Russia supposed to allow the breakup of itself so that the West can devour it - FURTHER? And you pose this as the interest of WORKERS in Russia? And by the way, it would not surprise me in the least that the rebels commit atrocities and blame them on the Russians. This is an established tactic, used for a decade in Kosovo where the "nonviolent" types who led the racist/secessionist movement in the early 90s enforced a boycott of hospitals so that they could portray the ethnic Albanians as victims of Serbian genocide "See ? We can't even get medical care" - and of schools in Albanian so that they could portray Albanians as victims of language genocide. You have roused me to the importance of OPPOSING this new "antiwar" movement. By the way, I have been receiving your stuff for months and never A WORD about the genocide against Serbs and Roma people in Kosovo... Jared Israel


01.12.03. From the investigative team of Burtsev.ru:
By Tatiana Aparina
The secret police wants to know who we are, they use provocateurs, we call them Zubatovists (from Zubatovism).  They want to find out who are the editors of Left.ru, who is Anton Baumgarten.  Taylor acts like Zubatovist agent-provocateur. We believe that Taylor may work for the imperialists and Zionists.  And we want to start an international investigation into her political connections, past and present.

Vladimir Bilenkin
The Imperialist Left and the War in Chechnya: Reflections on One Campaign
Letter to Russian Comrades
(January 2000)
Letter to Russian Labor Activists (January 2000)
Letter from Steve Myers of ISWoR (March 2000)
ISWoR linked to Militant Zionist Organizations in Russia (January 2000)
Conversion of a Zionist: a follow-up то "ISWoR linked to Militant Zionist Organizations in Russia." (December 2002)

Tony Abdo
The US/ NATO War Against Russia.
Why "Solidarity" Goes Bad
"I wouldn't want Steve to have to go on the dole, from lack of work opposing British militarism."

Jared Israel
  To the ISWoR

Jef Bossuyt (Workers' Party of Belgium).
Towards a Balkanized Russia. Chechnya: Russia's Kosovo (1999)

Alan Woods
Communism, fascism and the Russian working class. A very short answer to an extraterrestrial critic

ISWoR Falsifies Its Interview with a Russian Deputy

Oleg Shein
Interview to Steve Myers of ISWoR (Forged!)

Vladimir Bilenkin
  Comments on the "Translation" of Shein's Interview by his Interviewers

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