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Obama and the Intelligence Cabal

There is a lot of anti-Obama speech on the Web. Why should anybody care about a bunch of former Soviet spooks fulminating against the President of the United States?


From the Arctic Sea to the Titanic?

There is a wide intentional conspiracy to subvert Obama's policy to normalize the relations between the United States and Russia. A group of US militarists, led by Vice-President Biden, uses the extremist top brass of Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) for black psyops operations against Russia..

08.13.09 Strother Martin Nailed It: "You gotta get your mind right!" By Mike Ferner. We need to create a culture of democracy from the bottom-up, to replace our culture of death. We need to change our government from what it is today - a huge roadblock, guarded round the clock by greed and private interests, into a vehicle that nourishes the public interest; that helps us express our love for each other and our planet.

06.03.09. WE DON'T NEED THE GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION. By Mike Ferner . The entity known as General Motors Corporation is a legal fiction, a device most adept at concentrating economic and political power, buying off elected officials, opposing seat belts, pollution controls and higher mileage - while handing out executive lifestyles to make a pharaoh blush.

05.27.09. Militarism and Children. Worth 1,000 Words After Memorial Day. By Mike Ferner. So many opportunities for "personal growth." Like a job in a depression -- now, that's a great opportunity. Can't get work, hey, join the imperial centurians and go hunt down and kill kids out there on the fringes of empire in some place like Afghanistan where kids just like you can't find a job either and have the opportunity for "personal growth" offered to them by some mullah & madrassa...

Alaska Army National Guard Staff Sergeant Michael Manson helps kids climb on a HumVee and handle a M249 Saw gun mounted to the roof during the Southeast Alaska Outdoor Safety Expo sponsored by Juneau Rotary in the Centennial Hall on Saturday. Juneau Empire. May 24, 2009

05.21.09 An Open Letter to Germany. By Mitchel Cohen. We in the Peace Movement in the United States once again find ourselves unable to influence the policies of our own government. But you, dear Germany, are in a key position to do so.

THE BUSH-CLINTON-OBAMA IMPERIALIST CONTINUUM. By Dave Silver. I will argue that the pro-Obama Left wants to attach itself to Power and not Confront it.

05.15.09. Letter to Obama: American Veterans "Outraged by Horrific Attacks in Afghanistan" (pdf)

04.06.09 Obama. A Defeat for Racism or the Triumph of Neoliberalism? By Dave Silver . Obama's neo-liberal and hegemonistic policies in behalf of the ruling U.S. Transnationals and Banks is continuing full blast.

04.02.09 Saidov's “Bagram Group” May Have Been Involved in Afghan Attacks Aimed at Steinmeier. By Andrei Petrov. Since the Chechen Republic is a part of the Russian Federation, the attacks against German forces by Kadyrov's secret service on the territory of a foreign state can and should be constructed as Russia's acts of war against Germany.

Saidov and his FarWest partners publish poisonous vitriols against Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Helmut Schroeder. They may have just moved from hate speech to hate action.

04.25.09 Springtime? Or January Thaw? By Zoltan Zigedy. The Marxist point is this: Capitalist states must individually strive for restoring economic health. The national differences are too great to devise a universal and common strategy. Moreover, cooperation for some greater good is beyond the logic of capitalist competitive advantage.

04.21.09 The Politics of The New York Times. By Stephen Gowans. The New York Times use of the Doha Center to provide ostensibly independent commentary is emblematic of the Western media practice of drawing on experts offered up by ruling class think-tanks and foundation-funded-NGOs to propagate ruling class positions under the guise of providing independent analysis.

The Doha Center is another instrument of mind control financed by imperilist state agencies and private capitalists.

04.14.09. The Blues They Played in Moldova. By Andrei Petrov and Natasha Barch.
The anticommunist pogrom in Chisinau was organized by Romanian and Ukrainian secret services in coordination with the Russian Embassy in Moldova.

03.21.09. Dmitri Yakouchev: LA CRISE FINALE DU CAPITALISME MONDIAL? Malgre les calamites sociales, la crise n’est pourtant pas la pire epoque. En effet, ce qui se produit est a la fois inevitable et indispensable. Le monde bourgeois s’effondre sous le poids des contradictions qu’il a lui-meme produites, et qui ne pourront etre resolues qu’en empruntant la voie socialiste.

11. 15.08 IMPERIALISM 101: OBAMA AND THE TRANSITION TO CHANGE. By Dave Silver. The corporate criminals correctly concluded that an intelligent and resourceful President Obama would be much more effective in using all measures-diplomatic and military in order to control global markets, and to maintain super power status.

Is this what he mean by "Hope"? New faces of US Imperialism: Barak Obama and Rahm Emanuel.

10.23.08 It's Our Turn Now: Resitance as it It Really Mattered. By Mike Ferner.Imagine a time to come when a democratic culture insists and inspires a modern court to rule that Raytheon Corporation or Blackwater LLC is indeed less important than the humblest citizen, dissolves them for trying to buy off Congress and distributes its assets in the public interest!

Oh Russia, pity the poor fool that is America! By Willy M. Murder Inc. has gone out of business, thanks to the glorious Russian Army. As a westerner who has witnessed the Cold War and The Fall of the Soviet Union, you can imagine my shock. Imagine the shock of all my other first world wealthy Westerners.


A Trap for Russia. U.S Neoliberals and Ukrainian Fascists Behind Operation “Clean Field”

The conspiracy matured by the spring of 2008 in the triangle between Senator McCain's campaign, the former members of Bob Gates' “supersecret group” of 1989-91, and the representatives of the clandestine Banderovite center in the Main Directorate of Military Intelligence of Ukrainian Defense Ministry,

09.06.08. South Ossetia Conflict and its Media Coverage
Uncovering disinformation in Western media and providing unreported facts and independent opinions

09.06.08 The War over South Ossetia. By Stephen Gowans. Russia was, and remains, of particular concern to the US ruling class. While weak compared to the Soviet Union, it remains the country most able to challenge the US.

Stephen Gowans, left activist and political writer from Canada

09.06.08 Georgia’s influence peddlers in Washington. By Wayne Madsen. Soros and his neocon allies are playing a dangerous game by threatening to support independence movements throughout the Russian Federation.

08.30.08 “Even in Putin there is more of Lenin than in all Western Left for the last 50 years.” A Reply of a Russian Marxist-Leninist to a Western Leftist. By Valentin Zorin. Just like the American fascist Robert Kagan, our "ruthless critic" deems it irrelevant just WHO attacked WHOM on August 8.

08.20.08 Russophobia: A Political Pathology. By Justin Raimondo. Since Bill Clinton invaded the Balkans and severed Kosovo from the Yugoslav torso, the incredibly patient Russians had stoically endured years of abuse, insults, and increasingly open belligerence directed at the Kremlin.

08.15.08 Europeans ! Wake up - American TV and newspapers impudently deceive you!

08.14.08 Putin Walks into a Trap. By Mike Whitney. The real aim was to lure the Russian army into a trap. US planners hope to do what they did so skillfully in Afghanistan; lure their Russian prey into a long and bloody Chechnya-type fiasco that will pit their Russia troops against guerrilla forces armed and trained by US military and intelligence agencies.

07.11.08 ISRAEL: Good for America? Zionism, Militarism and the Decline of US Power by James Petras challenges the claims of Zionist apologists who argue that the 'Israel power configuration' is just another lobby by empirically examining several major US policies.

06.26.08 Communist Deputy Asks U.S. Ambassador Taylor to Clarify U.S Position on Ukraine's Nuclear Status. Lately in Mass Media there appeared reports about the presence of nuclear weapon in the arsenals of Ukraine, allegedly secretly stored by military and by the employees of Security Service of Ukraine in violation of Budapest protocol of 1995.

06.15.08 OPEN LETTER TO THE SOFT LEFT OF THE ANTIWAR MOVEMENTS. By Dave Silver. Bennis is part of what a Canadian comrade calls the soft-Left. The soft-Left have at least one thing in common; They use code words to peddle anti-communism in a left-liberal disguise

06.14.08 Bush blackmails Germany by Ukraine's plans to go nuclear. A new round in the strategy of tension? By Andrei Petrov. Having Merkel stunned by his announcement, Bush then accused Germany of leaving Ukraine no other choice [to defend itself against Russia] and put the blame squarely on the Germans if Ukraine goes nuclear.

05.18.08 Kadyrov's “death squads” in Afghanistan. UN Report by Professor Alstone . By Valentin Zorin. "Secret Afghan death squads, acting on the orders of foreign spies and killing civilians inside Afghanistan with impunity" are under the command of the double agent Ruslan Saidov -- the chief of the secret Chechen intelligence service who has recently met with Robert Kagan, advisor to Senator John McCain.

05.16.08 S0CIALIST CUBA; THE HOPE OF THE PLANET. ByDave Silver. There are many liberals and some on the Left that see "more openness" and reform sort of a Cuban Perestroika with Raul at the helm. They will be disappointed.


Rev. Wright at the National Press Club

"The God to whom the slaveholders pray as they ride on the decks of the slave ship is not the God to whom the enslaved are praying as they ride beneath the decks on that slave ship."


Now the West Has No Choice but Between al Qaeda and Kadyrov”: “Caucasian Emirate” is a Provocation by Kadyrov's Intelligence Chief

Former GRU officers General-Major Vladimir Filin and Brigadier-General Ruslan Saidov (right) have under their command some of the most dangerous intelligence organisms in the former Soviet Union: Special Department "R" of Ukrainian military intelligence and the "Istanbul Bureau" of External Intelligence of the Republic of Ichkeria.

12/10/07 Why the Council On Foreign Relations Hates Putin. By By Mike Whitney. With comments by Usrael Shamir. Kemp and Edwards provided the ideological foundation upon which the entire public relations campaign against Putin has been built. And it is quite an impressive campaign.


Barbarossa at Our Gates?

The Anti-Russian Alliance of Western and Saudi Intelligence Behind “Far West LLC“ Prepares Bloody Sunday in the Northern Caucasus, Food and Gas Blockade against Russia

10/07/07 IMPRESSIONS OF DPR KOREA. Part 1: "We are not jealous of anyone." By Irina Malenko.

North Korea is, effectively, the Russia we lost. But better, morally cleaner, more natural. It is possible that our country was like this in the 50s.

IMPRESSIONS OF KOREA. INTRODUCTION. By Irina Malenko. Translated from Spanish by Jenny James. It's a long while since I felt as calm and relaxed as I do in North Korea. In the streets I see normal people, well dressed, modest working women, happy with their lives, people who like to laugh at a good joke and who live a rich cultural life which is not within reach of the majority of the population in Western countries, people who in no way resemble the fanatical robots the Western press describes them as.

Impresiones coreanas (Introduccion). Irina Malenko. ?Ah, ese Occidente ... no hay por donde cogerlo! “Es pecado burlarse de un invalido” ?Hay tanto que no entiende de este mundo! Todo lo que no se le somete le da miedo. Todo lo que se sale de los canones por el establecidos le parece anormal. Y efectivamente, ?como van a comprender algo como la estima a un presidente por los habitantes de un pais, cuando sus propios presidentes, o bien practican el diablo sabe que con sus becarias en el lugar de trabajo, o bien no son capaces ni de comerse una galleta sin atragantarse?

Impresiones coreanas (1? parte: “No envidiamos a nadie”). Irina Malenko. Corea del Norte hoy es, efectivamente, la Rusia que perdimos. Solo que mejor, moralmente mas limpia, mas natural. Es posible que asi fuera nuestro pais en los anos 50; yo, por desgracia, solo se de esos anos a traves de los relatos de mi madre; no tuve suerte, naci mas tarde.


Third Barbarossa
(Short summary and Contents in English )

Turki, Braithwaite, Gates, Ermarth -- they already beat us once in the last stage of Barbarossa-2. Now they are back for the endspiel of Barbarossa-3. If they win this time there will be no fourth.


04/29/07 Anti-communism 101 from Tallinn, Estonia By Dave SilverThe removal of the symbol of the Soviet defeat of German fascism would enhance the chances of Estonia to join NATO, the European Union and be part of global capital and good relations with the IMF and World Bank.  What better way to win favor with capitalism/imperialism than to show your anti-socialist/communist credentials. 

04/24/07 Democracy Now and the Death of Boris Yeltsin: Anti-Communism in Liberal Disguise By Dave Silver. Amy Goodman starts off by indicating that the British Prime Minister considered Yeltsin "a remarkable man." Before introducing her guest she compared the deaths Yeltsin caused in the Chechenya independence struggle with that of Stalin.

02/26/07 Whose Rights? By Stephen Gowans.The battlefield of human rights isn’t one in which the object of Left forces should be the securing of absolute rights for all (for there is no such thing as liberty and democracy for all) but the securing of the rights of oppressed classes and nations at the expense of those of their enemies.

12.30.06 Saddams Execution : The western anti war movement - the left boot of imperialism? By "Kola." The silence of the western antiwar movement on the lynching of Saddam Hussein is deafening and is increasingly beginning to prove what a lot of discerning people have suspected all along – that the mainstream anti-war movement (including large parts of its left wing) in the west is the well concealed left boot of western imperialism, the conscience of the conqueror.

12. 13.06 The All-American Girl from the CIA and Hizb ut-Tahrir. By Valentin Zorin. Fiona Hill and her colleagues predicted and hoped that Chechnya would become Russia's "tomb" (Anatol Lieven). Instead, Chechnya has become Russia's resurrection.

She was born in England, but on her photo Ms. Fiona Hill, a newly appointed CIA National Intelligence Officer for Russia and Eurasia, looks like an All-American Girl: all pure goodness, moral solidity, energy, and idealism.

12.06. 06 US Companies Linked to Vice-President Cheney Supervised the Transfer of Ukrainian WMD to Iran.

Experts of the Moscow Institute for Globalization Studies, owners of Far West Ltd (from the right):
Ruslan Saidov, Vladimir Filin, Anton Surikov

11.04. 06 American People Want To Know Truth about US Government and the Drug Meta-Group of Vladimir Filin . This story states that Far West L.T.D.,a business front with Halliburton is transporting heroin from Afghanistan via U.S. airbase in Bagram, Afghanistan to U.S. airbase in Magas, Kyrgystan into Russia and Europe and the U.S.

11.01.2006Blind Theory. By Dr. H. Salari. The real front is the struggle to eliminate the exploitation of man by man. It is a struggle to build socialism.

07.31.06 Everybody Looks Up. By Bobby Summers. If we who call ourselves the Left in the United States could ever start looking down and putting our trust in actual human beings, in each other and what human beings can be, we might actually get someplace.

07.23.06 The American Left and the Middle East: The Case of the Nation Magazine. A'sad Abu Halil. The Nation would really support massive bombings and massacres of Arab civilians IF it is in Israel's interest. This is the crux of the Nation magazine's position.

Best wishes from Israel

07.15.06 Kagarlitsky was appointed director of IPROG on the request of Anton Surikov, the alleged organizer of the "conspiracy in Nice". By burtsev.ru. Kagarlitsky article has since become a staple of anti-Russian propaganda and a part of public consciousness, especially in the West, where the images of new Russian rulers blowing up their citizens fall into the carefully cultivated soil of Russophobia.

The "Troika" of IPROG (left to right): Boris Kagarlitsky, Ilia Ponomarev, and Anton Surikov

07.14.06 Russia's Fifth Column: An unnatural alliance: Russian 'liberals,' commies, and neo-Nazis unite against Putin. By Justin Rajmondo. It is perfectly natural for these political bandits to band together in a union of the bought-and-paid-for, for all of them are willing to sell their talents, such as they are, and their souls (such as they are) to the highest bidder. And who could outbid the U.S. government?

05.01.06 Lobster for Iran. By Israel Shamir.In this post-modernist age, when the Vagina Monologues have entered the matinee repertoire, it is not that easy to epater the increasingly blase bourgeoisie. If Ahmadinejad would call for the resettlement of six million European Muslims outside of Europe, nobody would raise an eyebrow with the possible exception of Oriana Fallaci and M. Le Pen, who might
object to his plagiarism.

"Watch out, - told me Satanovsky after the show, -
apparently you have never been beaten hard enough. Here in Moscow we know of no
restraints of democracy, my Jewish lads will tear your balls off like they did to
many men like you. Israel should remain a Jewish state forever".

04.06 Why do the United States want a different president in Belarus? By Jef Bossuyt.
Eyewitness's report about the elections and the Western interference in Belarus.

03/28/06 The death of Milosevic: U.S. imperialism and the liberal left. By Dave Silver. The pseudo-Left succumbed to an anti-communist scenario in Left disguise.

03/28/06 For The Life of Me: Reflections and Prognostications on the United States. By Bobby A. Summers. 2005 was another year of going backwards for working class, poor, left and progressive, or any other human being who's not rich and/or at the helm of corporate America.

03/28/06 WTO. The Administrative Body of Monopolies. By Dr. H. Salari. The creation of the WTO was due to the need of the ever-growing monopolist associations in a world with no obstacles against their greed, especially after the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

02.17.06 To Kill Russian Bear. By George Friedman. Wounding a bear without killing it is the most dangerous game of them all.

01.31.06 HANDS OFF BYELORUSSIA! The people of good will and progressive ideas worldwide should not allow THIS TIME to be so easily cheated and deceived like so many times before with “EVIL” demonising images and – “fairy-tale” stories of the Next-in-turn “MONSTER-Dictator” of Lukashenko!

11.17.05 Things are getting worse! By Dr. H. Salari. Is it possible to live in a world without wars, execution fields, torture chambers and dreadful prisons? Is it possible to have a world free of exploitation of human by human, colonization, hunger and disease?

11.17.05 FROM PALESTINE TO FALLUJAH AND NEW ORLEANS ONE HUMANITY, ONE STRUGGLE. By Dave Silver. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are the real looters, oppressors and exploiters. Those same Transnationals, Halliburton and Bechtel who were given massive construction contracts to rebuild Iraq are now offered millions to do the same in the devastated region of NO and Mississippi.

06.11.05 A BALLAD OF DRUGS AND 9/11. By Peter Dale Scott.
I know why I’m remembering this./There are things we don’t think about in America / things I don’t want to think about myself / like this flood of emails from Russia / about Far West, Ltd.

10.10.05 Russian Military Oligarch Accuses the CIA and MI-6 of Flooding Russia with Drugs. Officially, the British are supposed to fight poppy cultivation in Afghanistan. Not the Americans, but the British are responsible for that. They began by flooding with drugs their own country. The use of heroin in Britain went up 1,5 times within one year. And four fifth of all heroin was trafficked through Tajikistan. After that they decided that it was enough for Britain and turned to the Russian market.

21.09.05 North Korea: A Continuing Struggle against Imperialism. By Stephen Gowans.
The enemy calls forth two forces in opposition: the forces of socialism and the forces of national liberation and independence. The gains of socialists to weaken exploitation in the advanced industrial countries weaken imperialism, and the gains of national liberation and independence movements to deprive imperialist Powers of the use of their assets equally weakens imperialism. A common foe, imperialism, binds the forces of socialism and the forces of national liberation and independence together.

25.08.05 The Syndicalist Within. By Bobby Summers. Capitalist society reduces everyone to a prostitute, whether they make their living between their legs or not.

25.08.05 Yugoslavia 101: Clinton, Milosevic and the Leberal-Left. By Dave Silver. The Liberal-Left do not ask the key questions like why western imperialism supports the so called Democratic Opposition or why Serbia lifted Kosovo’s autonomy since that would lead to the knowledge that that the mercenary Kosova Liberation Army is being funded and supported by the CIA and Washington.

2.08.05 Cause & Effect. By Dr. H. Salary. Discrepancy between our extraordinary scientific achievements and the way we behave in our societies is dangerous and dreadful.

21.07.05 French and Dutch Freeze Global Capitalism. By Bobby Summers. The success of the “No” campaign was a victory for a substantive politics based on analysis, dialogue, and action. Through thoughtful, careful and persistent discussion, the “No” campaign was able to “strip the veneer” off the EU constitution. With the veneer gone, citizens became increasingly aware that European Union offered them nothing but sacrifice and insecurity, all in the interests of building a leaner and more competitive European free-market economy.

07.07.05 Boris Kagarlitsky, Director of the Institute of Globalization Studies, stands accused in hiring a "former" agent of Russian secret service who, according to Kagarlitsky's own article in 2000, was linked to an international conspiracy to provoke a war.

Kagarlitsky: Surikov is a military man. This is a man who collaborates with and in the past belonged to organizations like GRU. He follows his orders.

From right to left: Retired Colonel Anton Surikov, "former" agent of GRU (Army Intelligence) and the Retired Major General of State Security Aleksey Kondaurov (The Fifth Department of KGB, FSB, the head of the YUKOS "Security Department") --at the Russia's First Social Forum

These people and those behind them are sponsoring the "new left" in Russia. What are their intentions?


Bad Actors in IPROG: Investigative Report, Part One: The Devil's Dozen. By burtsev.ru. --Why did Professor John Dunlop of The Hoover Institute fail to keep the minimal scholarly standarts in his essay "Storm in Moscow"? -- What made the former members of the Russian army intelligence, now selling mercenaries from CIS to U.S. private military companies KBR Halliburton and Diligence LLC, to become "political scientists" and "historians" at the Institute of Globalization Studies (IPROG), under the Director Boris Kagarlitsky, the one and only Russian Marxist, celebrated by the broad Western Left for his impeccable "internationalist" credentials?-- What did really happen at the Cote d'Azure villa, belonging to the international merchant of death Adnan Khashoggi, in the summer of 1999? These and other questions are raised in the path-breaking investigation by the autonomous research group burtsev.ru, affiliated with the Internet-weekly Left Russia. Read Russian original at http://left.ru/2005/10/burtsev127.html . We are looking for comrades to summarize this article in English, German and other languages.

Anton Surikov, veteran of secret services, "senior scholar" at IPROG, Executive Director of the All-Russian Association of Poultry Importers, and the alleged member of an organized criminal society. Boris Kagarltsky, "leader of Russian antiglobalist movement", Director of IPROG, a journalist who in his publication five years ago had linked Anton Surikov to the conspiracies, leading to the second Chechen war and the explosions of residential buildings in Moscow.

What kind of future will Russian Left have with leaders like these?

02.08.05 U.S. IMPERIALISM TODAY: IS IT IN A PREPARATORY STAGE OF FASCISM? By Dave Silver. Can we speak of a fascist USA today? Not yet. We now can see elements of many common characteristics of fascist states such as protection of corporate power, extreme nationalism and a dominant role for the military.

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