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Saddam Bound. By Israel Shamir. - Turn on the TV, - my wife, alerted by a phone call, yelled from the kitchen. On the screen was George W. Bush's mug photo with a caption reading 'Bush - the former dictator is arrested'.

12.11.03 George Soros: Imperial Wizard/Double Agent. By Heather Cottin. The New Left in the United States was a social democratic movement. It was resolutely anti-Soviet, and when Eastern Europe and the USSR fell, few in the New Left opposed the destruction of the socialist systems.

11.30.03 Colonization or Globalization. By Dr. H. Salari. It is interesting to observe that the process of imperialist colonization which had been stopped (or was changed to covert Neo-colonization) with the rise of The Soviet Union re-emerged with the fall of that country.

11.11.03 Bogdan Zinchenko Organizes Komsomol Cell in Prison. The last story from Odessa is that of Bogdan Zinchenko, one of the defendants in the so-called "Odessa case" charged in "terrorism" and "conspiracy to overthrow the Ukrainian state". In the face of physical and psychological tortures, Bogdan has shown more than supreme courage.

Bogdan Zinchenko. The heroic tradition of Soviet Komsomol lives on.
Greetings and messages of support to C-de Zinchenko and his comrades

La prision de los militantes de la Juventud Comunista que integran el llamado Caso Odessa es un flagrante atentado a los mas elementales derechos politicos. Los argentinos conocemos de sobra, con el sacrificio de mas de 30.000 compatriotas, lo que significa la lucha contra la injusticia social y el imperialismo. Libertad a Bogdan Zinchenko y todos los presos politicos por la dictadura de la restauracion capitalista.
Julio Fernandez Baraibar

This is a message of support to Bogdan Zinchenko. Congratulations dear comrade Bogdan! Down with capitalism! Long live the working class! Socialism is the only solution to exploitation, oppression and war.
Antonio Artuso, Parti communiste du Quebec (section du Parti communiste du Canada)
more letters

Your letters of support and protest will be translated and transmitted to the prisoners.

Sergei Berdiugin
political prisoner, Komsomol member, Soviet patriot - died in Odessa prison on November 1.

The cause of death was determined as "acute inflammation of liver". He died chained to his bed, surrounded by the crack police guard. That's how feared him! His critical medical condition was obvious to all attending the court room where he and his comrades stood trial, accused of "terrorism" and conspiracy against the Ukrainian state. In the beginning of this trial Sergei Berdiugin told the court about his illness. But the judge ignored his request for treatment. He was hospitalized too late.

Sergei Berdiugin did not die. He was killed. The sarcoma of testicles that gave metastases to his liver was caused by extreme tortures in Nikolaevo prison when his genitals were pierced by needles.

We call on all communists without national distinctions to raise their protests against the arbitrary violence of Ukrainian secret service, the police, the court and prison system of bourgeois Ukraine. We demand immediate release of the rest of the political prisoners in the so-called "Odessa case", the case of NRA (New Revolutionary Alternative) and other shameful criminal cases fabricated by secret services in the former Soviet Union. We demand independent investigation of Sergei Berdiugin's death and punishment of his vile murderers!

Sergei was just 19. His murderers will not be forgotten or forgiven.

Our file on "Odessa case"
Torture and Kangaroo Court for Political Prisoners in Ukraine


POLITICAL ARRESTS IN UKRAINE Searches Produce Nothing. Brutal Tortures of Young Communists.

10.27.03 Weapons Of Mass Assimilation. By Usman Majeed. The U.S., like Britain before it, suffers from the colonizer's most odious characteristic: a delusional conviction that its own culture, values, and beliefs are superior to everyone else's. It then tries to impose these "superior" beliefs onto the colonized in an attempt to mould them to its own liking and "civilize" them.

10.24.03 Digging up a Mistake: Israeli Archaeology Buries Zionism’s Last Stand. By Macdonald Stainsby. Zionist Archaeology dug up a land that was supposed to contain Jewish birthrights, but instead unearthed a land where many peoples lived side by side, sharing a land that was and is among the most holy for three major religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

From Burtsev.Ru
The Unanswered Question of the Budraitskis-Vernik Affair
Burtsev.ru, the investigative branch of Russian weekly Left.ru, has been conducting its own inquiry into the Budraitskis-Vernik affair and preparing a report on it. While the lessons of this case are primarily political, there remains one crucial, yet unanswered question of a 'technical' nature: What passports did these people use when visiting their Western sponsors? Fake or real?

10.19.03 In defense of the SU, Or How the world has been duped into thinking that 'the Cold War was won by the good guys'. By Simon Jones. McCarthyism was just the visible extreme of a policy of herding us all into one camp, with its catch phrases such as freedom and democracy, terms which have been pre-packaged to mean their very opposite today.

To Progressives and the Broad Left: Some Thoughts on What Can Be Done for Resistance and Change here in Babylon. By Dave Silver. In his brilliant piece “What’s Left” Stephen Gowans asks the all important
question; will the defeat of Bush, as Chomsky, Cagan and others believe put an end to “the inseparable connection between the deepening economic and social crisis at home and the drive to dominate the world through military force.”

Torture and Kangaroo Court for Political Prisoners in Ukraine

09.02.03 Left.Ru appeals to progressive people and organizations to demand from the Ukrainian authorities fair open trial for the accused and impartial investigation of the brutal and illegal methods that were used to extract forced confessions from these young people.


Demonstration at The Hague on November 8, 2003

07.24.03 MURDER MOST FOUL. By Israel Shamir. It is a moral collapse of the ruling class: his schools, Harvard and Yale, once aristocratic breeding ground of American gentlemen, reached moral nadir under the guidance of Lawrence Summers the Platitudinous, Samuel Huntington the Trivial, Leo Strauss the Godless and Alan Dershowitz the Torturer. Probably Sing Sing would produce a more suitable ruling class at lesser cost.

07.13.03 "GLOBALIZATION, THE END OF ONE MYTH". By Vladimir Vorobiev. We should explain so called peacefulness of modern imperialism not by the allegedly civilized nature of modern capitalism but by inability of national bourgeoisie of economical underdeveloped states to counteract in competition on global market to the World's financial oligarchy.

MOVEMENT AGAINST GLOBALIZATION. SOCIAL FORUM AND NGOs. By Vladimir Vorobiev. With aiding and abetting of the ATTAC missionaries there are set up trade union schools, supposedly to teach workers principles of unionism. In reality in such so-called schools they literally brainwash workers, scare them by bugaboo of class warfare and try to persuade labor activists to realization of capitalist labor policy, not to abolish capitalism but to reform it. If we are to assess ATTAC missionaries' activities from the point of view of working class interests, we should call this organization a puppet of imperialists if not ideological headquarters of imperialists in labor movement!!!

07.12.03 DOWN WITH THE WAR OF IMPERIALISTS! There is an acute need for all possible forces in the world to engage inmutual support and co-operation in order to build a broad antiimperialist solidarity. An international united front is needed to confront the No. 1 imperialist and terrorist power, US imperialism, and be on guard against all other imperialist powers.

06.26.00 The Rosenbergs; 50 Years of Anti-fascist Martyrdom. By Dave Silver. Even as the German fascists were being defeated at Stalingrad, the Army Signal Intelligence Agency was set up in 1943 and became the National Security Agency, (NSA) which implemented the Venona Project to decrypt messages sent from the Soviet Consulate to Moscow.

06.04.03 "Why We Should Still Be Anti-Imperialists" ,"Watching" Interventions and plots. By Jan van Dalfsen. I particularly like the suggestion that someone should start a "Western Intervention Watch". I have recently been e-mailing some leaders in peace groups listing suspicious actions and media manipulation by the USA and its allies against Iran and North Korea. If anyone already knows of any such "Intervention Watch" groups that are starting or already exist I would love to get in touch with them or hear about them.


Soviet patriots before execution. September 1941.
It's a long way till Victory.

05.01.03. ANTI-COMMUNIST LIBERALS AND LEFT JOIN U.S. IMPERIALIST ATTACKS ON SOCIALIST CUBA. By Dave Silver.All progressive forces must strengthen their solidarity with Socialist Cuba and beware of traps in Left disguise.


04.09.03 Liberation. By Andrew. My Iraqi brothers, hold on to your oil and bludgeon any who tries to take it. Do not trust the hand outstretched to you that is attached to the body of an American politician or a newly-returned Iraqi businessman who wears Western suits and speaks the Queen's English.

04.08.03. Oil for White People! Woohoo, Dead Iraqi Children Now! By Lloyd Hart. Only in America could a religion be created and written that states clearly in they're text that people with dark skin have fallen from the grace of God and must be shepherded back to God upon which time as they have accepted God back into their life, their skin will turn back to its original white color. I speak of the Mormons of course and there ain't no crazier white people shit then that.

04.08.03 TO ALL ANTI-WAR ACTIVISTS AND THE BROAD LEFT; THE NEED FOR A NATIONAL INDEPENDENT POLITICAL MOVEMENT By. Dave Silver . It is crucial that we learn the lessons of past attempts to build a Resistance.

Comrade U's Answer to President Bush


English | German

People in the whole world are holding their breath. Once again we are forced to witness a cruel and illegal war of aggression. Bush and his government have dismissed every objection, they have ignored UN resolutions and the protest of the people in the whole world, as they have been obsessed with their aim: taking hold of the oil wells in Iraq. People in the whole world are holding their breath - if they keep on doing it for too long they will suffocate. LET'S THERFORE TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND THEN CRY OUT LOUD! Let's go on protesting and demonstrating! Let's go on boycotting American products and thus the American economy, which is responsible for this war. Let's show America that we won't take this breach of international law! Let's put up a united front of independent and self-confident people, whose protest cannot be ignored!

OPEN LETTER TO MR. BUSH - LEADER OF THE BARBARIANS OF THE 21ST CENTURY I can openly say that you are just a marionette of those powers that have already terrorized all the world for half a century and whose interest in oil and profits forces them to make the whole world kneel down as it was attempted by another fascist leader in another country that happened 60 years ago in history that we recall with a shudder now.



03.15.03 What Now? By John Pilger. If appeasement has any meaning today, it has little to do with a regional dictator and everything to do with the demonstrably dangerous men in Washington. It is vitally important that we understand their goals and the degree of their ruthlessness.

03.10.03 Anti-War, AntiI-Capitalist and Building a People’ s Resistance. By Dave Silver. We must reject any ploy from within or outside of the peace forces that uses red-baiting and/or opportunism to portray one segment of the anti-war movement as “radical” and the other as a more liberal and therefore acceptable group.

02.22.03 Michael Lerner and the Workers World Party The Ranting Rabbi Doesn't Speak for All Anti-War Jews. By Lenni Brenner. Internal evidence strongly suggests that the initiative for the slander campaign comes from elements in Democratic Socialsts of America. Among the signers is Bogdan Denitch, a Socialist Party leader in the early 60s. His specialty was proclaiming that the only way to build the anti-Vietnam War movement was to proclaim ourselves as "Against Washington and Moscow." We told him to go to hell, openly worked with Communists, and recruited hundreds of thousands to the cause, while the SP broke up. We called them "State Department Socialists' and ultimately Norman Thomas, their most famous figure, was exposed as a CIA collaborator by the NY Times.

02.17.03 A Monument To Hypocrisy. By Edward Said. It has finally become intolerable to listen to or look at news in this country. I've told myself over and over again that one ought to leaf through the daily papers and turn on the TV for the national news every evening, just to find out what "the country" is thinking and planning, but patience and masochism have their limits.

01.12.03. From the investigative team of Burtsev.ru:
By Tatiana Aparina
The secret police wants to know who we are, they use provocateurs, we call them Zubatovists (from Zubatovism).  They want to find out who are the editors of Left.ru, who is Anton Baumgarten.  Taylor acts like Zubatovist agent-provocateur. We believe that Taylor may work for the imperialists and Zionists.  And we want to start an international investigation into her political connections, past and present.

01.12.03 POLITICAL PRISONERS; THE INTERSECTION OF CLASS AND RACE. By Dave Silver. Thanks to felony disenfranchisement laws in the U.S. and to racial disparities in the criminal justice system, a remarkable one and a half million African-Americans, or 13% of black men do not have the right to vote, which is approximately seven times the national average. The connection of resurgent U.S. imperialism and the prison craze is that the figurehead of imperial expansion George W. Bush, as governor of Texas came to oversee as Molly Ivins noted “the largest prison system on planet earth.”

01.03.03 POLITICAL ARRESTS IN UKRAINE Searches Produce Nothing. Brutal Tortures of Young Communists.The key event became the night storming of the apartment in Nikolaev. In the wee hours of the night a special unit, belonging either to the police or the state security, detonated the door to the rental apartment where at that time were staying Igor Danilov, Nina Polskikh, Oleg Alekseev, and Sergei Beldiugin.



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Left, Left? Marching With the Right...
Their style and methods of recruiting have something of the Jehovah Witnesses. 9.02
Being an ethnic minority.
Let’s face it. My people are not used to being an ethnic minority. 6.02
Communists of a Different Kind
Island of Women's Freedom.

It’s up to us – to put the arrogant Uncle Sam back to his place where he belongs. To express it in the language of his own intellectual level, let him stick his “freedom” up his arse --his freedom to rob, to oppress, to humiliate and to brainwash all of us.
Till the Cock Crows Thrice in Havanna.
If one is to believe Western propaganda, university professors including, then, for example, Soviet women were working exclusively because “their husbands could not afford to feed them”.

Let Them Talk
(The Cuban Diary, pt. 3)

Cuban scientists have invented a vaccine against AIDS that is being tested at the moment. But even after being tested, if successful, there is very little chance that this vaccine will be allowed to enter the world’s market: the US won’t allow this to happen.
Why I Don't Like Gorby.
I remember Gorby's visit to Rotterdam where I lived at that time. This once head of state  was acting like some sort of escort service offering himself for dinner for the rich Western entrepreneurs.


The Green Rain of Yassouf.
“Go away, you Arab-lover,” hissed one of them. “You support our enemies. It is our land. It is the land of the Jews; the Goyim do not belong here.” 11..02
Separate Peace.
I signed a separate peace treaty with all my neighbours in the Middle East. 10.02
Last Sunny Days.
The US plans to destroy Iraq, invade Syria, break Saudi Arabia into a few parts, separate the oil fields, pass them in the hands of Israel, and finish off with Egypt. 09.02
War and Peace
Our choice was that of a drunken driver, who sees everything double. The Jewish Lobby is the War Party, the closely-knit gang of Jewish supremacists and their Gentile neo-con allies. 9.02
The State of Mind
(full version)
I met a Russian Jewish lady writer in Jerusalem who told me that she had initiated the rumours of pogroms. 06.02
Prince Charming.
In order to understand the obscure charms of the Daughter of Zion, we should remember that Uncle Sam is but a third lover of the plucky girl.
The Last Action Heroes
As a professional journalist, I regret that this tense drama of siege, breakthrough, diversion, relief, salvation, arrest, escape and confrontation at Easter, in the shadow of the great church. 5.02
The Dangerous Liaisons
“I daydream--if only! If in 1948, 1956, 1967 or 1973 Israel had acted just a bit like the Third Reich, then today Israelis would shop, eat pizza, marry and celebrate the holy days unmolested. And of course Jews, not sheiks, would have that Gulf oil’. 04.02


Ten Years of Shame

The "intellectuals" of the 1990s ... have discovered a hypocritical, servile contempt for their own people--viewed as mere cattle. The intellectual prostitutes and shopkeepers have adopted (as lackeys and servants often do) the views and manners of their lords.

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