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12.31.04 A Night on the Picket Line. By Bobby A. Summers. What a strange contradiction it is! So now, it’s the workers who are insisting that the product matters; not the corporations…. And some workers are ready to fight, like those at the Parry Center and those at Sutter Hospital chain. And where there is no union, and no fight, workers live consciously neck deep in the their cynicism and the cynicism of their employers.

12.21.04 Borders on privatization. By Dr. H. Salari . Private armies are directly and indirectly responsible for the death of about five million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1998.

IMF Sponsored "Democracy" in The Ukraine. By Michel Chossudovsky. Hailed as a "daring reformer", Yuschenko was among the main architects of the IMF's deadly economic medicine which served to impoverish the Ukraine and destroy its economy.

11.28.04   Ukraine Election Observers Cite U.S. Voting Fraud.  By Jackson Thoreau
"It seems the American Republican Party has a lot in common with the German Nazi Party of the 1930s," Yusogotcha said. "Not just these dirty tactics and fixing of elections, but its use of religion, propaganda, invasion of other countries, organized camps that hold prisoners without being charged, torture policies and so on."

Shadow of Anti-Semitism over Ukraine's Disputed Election. In western Ukrainian towns like Ivano-Frankivsk, the uniformed bully-boys of the UNSO movement, so-called Ukrainian Self-Defence forces, act as enforcers for Our Ukraine in effect. Mr Yushchenko scored well over 90% in western regions like Ivano-Frankivsk – results at least as improbable as any for Mr Yanukevich in the east of the country.

11.26.04 Western Aggression: How the US and Britain are intervening in Ukraine’s elections. By John Laughland. On a rainy Monday morning in Kiev, I met some young Yushchenko supporters, druggy skinheads from Lvov. They belonged both to a Western-backed youth organisation, Pora, and also to Ukrainian National Self-Defence (Unso)

11.22.04 FEEDING ILLUSIONS: LIBERALISM, ANTI- COMMUNISM AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. By Dave Silver. A more subtle opportunism and anti-communism is prevalent among those who are further to the Left and consider themselves for the most part as anti-imperialist.

11.11.04 Zionists Storm the Anglican Church to Arrest Mordecai Vanunu. By Israel Shamir. Bishop Riah told me that the Israeli security personnel disregarded sanctity of St George Cathedral, brandished their machineguns, scared the pilgrims and the clergy.

10.18.04 “Kiss me, I am Irish” (Life and Death of Kenneth Bigley). By Sasha Litkevich. The plain truth is, Bigley came to Iraq to help "white" invaders to impose their will on the people with dark skin. The same old story of a benevolent colonizer, but this time with a modern twist: the colonizer's working-class origin and his "Irishness".

10.08.04 The Saga of Woods. By Israel Shamir. Communists a-la Woods would peacefully wait until the world bourgeoisie surrenders its power on the planetary scale. If Woods were on the place of Joseph Stalin he would quietly return Russia to the Tsar or to Kerensky, in order to avoid this abomination of “socialism in one country”.

10.07.04 Phone Banking the “Other Half.” By Bobby A. Summers.
“All politicians are assholes”, she said to me.
“Well, I really can’t argue with you on that point”, I said, “But, are you registered to vote? Are you going to vote?”
“No, they’re all assholes. I don’t vote”, she said again.

The Fight Against Barbarism Is a Class and Anti-Imperialist Struggle. By Dave Silver. As the presidential election approaches, we note that ships of the U.S. 7th Fleet has arrived in the waters east of the Democratic People’s Republic of Ko rea (DPRK) commonly and pejoratively called North Korea.

Tired Of Losing! By Bobby A. Summers.
The truth of the matter is, American labor unions hate a fight!...when workers are threatened, we merely bargain…. And we lobby.



10.01.04 The politics of terrorism in North Ossetia: Self-determination and imperial politics. By James Petras. The rather mindless support of many on the left of the Kosovo and Chechen gangsters under the principle of “self-determination” without any prior analysis of the context and politics reveals their mediocrity and worse their servile submission to imperial propaganda.

09.15.04 WORKERS' AMERICA. By Bobby A. Summers. Our conversation was telling; it said whole amounts about our working class in America. Our conversation told a whole story about how fascism is winning in the USA, and why Bush will win in November.

08.29.04 THE AGENDAS OF BUSH AND KERRY; ANY MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE? By Dave Silver. I hear the choir saying that we are in different times now (true enough since the demise of the Soviet Union) and Kerry would be more sensible and open to pressure. Well let’s take a look at the recently concluded DNC.

6.29.04 D-DAY AND THE NEW NAZIS. By Dave Silver. How obscene for Bush to go to ceremonies of the 60th anniversary of D-Day and equate the heroism and cause of the anti-fascist struggle with that of Iraq. The political representatives of our profit system headed by GW Bush are the new Nazis.

Maquiladora. By Dr. H. Salari. They are cheap laborers of exported American jobs, who work 48-60 hours a week, and receive nothing more than a worn out body and a cardboard to extend their night moans into the hell of the next day’s slavery.

5.13.04 How World Socialist Web Site has discovered "mass opposition" to war in Iraq in the United States and made the editor of Yellow Left Press Valentin Zorin happy. Dear Editors--As the editor of the "Yellow Left Press" column ever in search of worthy targets, I royally enjoyed Mr. Van Auken's sensational revelations about the "staggering" growth of "mass opposition" in the US.

3.28.04 A Flawed View of Imperialism: Liberals, Conservatives and the anti communist Left. By Dave Silver . The two prime imperialist powers the U.S. and the U.K. are intent to continue their monopoly of Weapons of Mass Destruction so that they can reap the huge financial rewards that only a dominating imperialist power can achieve.


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Left, Left? Marching With the Right...
Their style and methods of recruiting have something of the Jehovah Witnesses. 9.02
Being an ethnic minority.
Let’s face it. My people are not used to being an ethnic minority. 6.02
Communists of a Different Kind
Island of Women's Freedom.

It’s up to us – to put the arrogant Uncle Sam back to his place where he belongs. To express it in the language of his own intellectual level, let him stick his “freedom” up his arse --his freedom to rob, to oppress, to humiliate and to brainwash all of us.
Till the Cock Crows Thrice in Havanna.
If one is to believe Western propaganda, university professors including, then, for example, Soviet women were working exclusively because “their husbands could not afford to feed them”.

Let Them Talk
(The Cuban Diary, pt. 3)

Cuban scientists have invented a vaccine against AIDS that is being tested at the moment. But even after being tested, if successful, there is very little chance that this vaccine will be allowed to enter the world’s market: the US won’t allow this to happen.
Why I Don't Like Gorby.
I remember Gorby's visit to Rotterdam where I lived at that time. This once head of state  was acting like some sort of escort service offering himself for dinner for the rich Western entrepreneurs.


The Green Rain of Yassouf.
“Go away, you Arab-lover,” hissed one of them. “You support our enemies. It is our land. It is the land of the Jews; the Goyim do not belong here.” 11..02
Separate Peace.
I signed a separate peace treaty with all my neighbours in the Middle East. 10.02
Last Sunny Days.
The US plans to destroy Iraq, invade Syria, break Saudi Arabia into a few parts, separate the oil fields, pass them in the hands of Israel, and finish off with Egypt. 09.02
War and Peace
Our choice was that of a drunken driver, who sees everything double. The Jewish Lobby is the War Party, the closely-knit gang of Jewish supremacists and their Gentile neo-con allies. 9.02
The State of Mind
(full version)
I met a Russian Jewish lady writer in Jerusalem who told me that she had initiated the rumours of pogroms. 06.02
Prince Charming.
In order to understand the obscure charms of the Daughter of Zion, we should remember that Uncle Sam is but a third lover of the plucky girl.
The Last Action Heroes
As a professional journalist, I regret that this tense drama of siege, breakthrough, diversion, relief, salvation, arrest, escape and confrontation at Easter, in the shadow of the great church. 5.02
The Dangerous Liaisons
“I daydream--if only! If in 1948, 1956, 1967 or 1973 Israel had acted just a bit like the Third Reich, then today Israelis would shop, eat pizza, marry and celebrate the holy days unmolested. And of course Jews, not sheiks, would have that Gulf oil’. 04.02


Ten Years of Shame

The "intellectuals" of the 1990s ... have discovered a hypocritical, servile contempt for their own people--viewed as mere cattle. The intellectual prostitutes and shopkeepers have adopted (as lackeys and servants often do) the views and manners of their lords.

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