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We shall overcome...

Irina Malenko in Havana

Soon Russia will be as wide open to U.S. first strike as Ivanov's bald spot.

Mohammed Abu Arrar, 14, is caressed by a relative prior to burial. The boy was shot to death in the Gaza ghetto by Israeli soldiers, August 19, 2001.

Fifth Column forces already in place, organized by George Soros' boys and by U.S. and European agencies (e.g.;, the National Endowment for Democracy) throughout the former Soviet Union

Israel Shamir

Poster produced and distributed by OPOR, a comprador student organization financed and trained by Western imperialism

"We are going in an hungerstrike till death"


Mikhail Shmakov, the first strikebreaker of Russia.

Larisa Romanova (Schiptsova) and her daughter are still in the secret police prison on made up charges of "terrorism."

12/17/01 Maidens and Warriors. By Israel Shamir.The presumed barbarous Muslim custom of veiling women and keeping them away from a stranger’s lusty eye annoys the accusers. An avid reader of Washington Post would assume that the US attacked Afghans just to bomb the veil away. As the first fruit of American victory in Afghanistan, CNN presented sale of smut in smitten Kabul.

Putin's Ten Blows. By Vyacheslav Tetyokin.It becomes clear that the intention to join NATO expressed by Mr. Putin in an offhand manner last year reflected a long-matured idea of a far deeper (than in Mr. Gorbachev's or Mr. Yeltsin's case) "integration into the world community". It fact the intention is to squeeze Russia into the Western economic, political and military system. Even as a junior partner. Even at the price of sacrificing independent foreign policy.

The State of Mind. By Israel Shamir. The train rode through Haifa, and I thought of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of Americans, Jews and Christian Zionists, who lobby, pray, support and pay – no, not for the Jewish state built on the ruins of Palestine. It would be bad enough; but reality is worse. I thought of millions of Palestinians, rotting in refugee camps and jails, dispossessed, expelled – not by the monster of evil occupation and land grabbing, but by something worse – by a ghost.

12/07/01A Message to Troops, Would Be Troops, and Other Youth. By Jeff Paterson I might be like the youth who are going down to the recruiters now, if I hadn't spent those four years in the Marine Corps. Most of the time, my unit trained to fight a war against peasants struggling against "American interests" in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala. I saw dire poverty in the Philippines; U.S. government-sanctioned prostitution rings to service the U.S. armed forces in South Korea; and unbridled racism towards the peoples of Okinawa and Japan-where the standard response to a
child flashing us the two-finger "peace sign" was "yeaa, ha ha, two bombs little gook."

11/25/01 A New Russian Anecdote:

What is the difference between U.S.A. and Afganistan?

One -- is a savage terrorist state, governed by the illegitimate government--a group of gangsters who stay in power by violence--and populated by the blodthirsty fanatics who are ready to kill men, women, old people and children in any part of the world only because their views on life are slightly different from those held by these savages at a given moment.

Another -- is a small country in Central Asia.

Bravo, Alina!

Britain's Prince Charles is slapped on the face with a flower by an anti-war protester Alina Lebedeva, in Riga, Latvia Thursday Nov. 8, 2001. The incident happened at the Freedom Monument after the prince had laid a wreath to commemorate the Baltic state's independence. Alina, was led away by police saying that she was protesting against Latvia joining NATO and Britain's role in the bombing in Afghanistan. She faces up to 15 years in prison.



Struggle for Labor Code

04/12/01 Press Release of the Alliance of Workers Unions Defense of Labor.

Russian Trade Unions Rally Around New Labor Bill introduced by Deputy Oleg Shein

3/6/01  The resolution of the conference of free trade unions on the Labor Codex, held 3-4 March in Moscow.

Russia: High & Dry

Now, how do you make fried eggs with .4 of an egg, a sandwich with 2.1 grams of sausage, soup with 1.6 grams of mutton, tea with 1.4 grams?

A Diet for the Poor


Faces of the Serbian Enemy Photo Report with Interviews by Jared Israel [1 May 2001]



April 7, 2001 Statement by Socialist Party of Serbia, after the end of the massive rally of support to SPS President Slobodan Milosevic.


Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky
Serbian class structure, war for the minds, and imperialist penetration. (Russian trans. LR 9/01)
Ukraine: The Weak Link

"For a Ukraine without Bourgeoisie and Fascists"
Joint Initiative.

Vasily Tereshchuk
On the Events in Ukraine.

Reputed oligarch advocates social protection, cooperation with Russia.

Our deputy in State Duma

Oleg Shein's Interview on the proposed law on political parties. 7 February 2001 by Inna Novikova. Trans. Mark Harris 02/17/01

An amusing case, or the KPRF  and the town council of Astrakhan against Oleg Shein
(Trans. Mark Harris 02/17/10)
An amusing document has arrived at the State Duma’s commission on ethics.  The document was sent by the town council of the city of Astrakhan and conveyed to the commission by deputy of the KPRF NV Arefevyi.  Here are some excerpts from the document in question.
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